And the Oscar goes to This program updates the original Traveler firmware to version 1. This install provides an update to MX4 version 2. Unstuff archive with Stuffit Expander 5 or 7. Refer to the installer’s Update Notes for more information.

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It requires a previously installed and authorized Electric Keys version 1. Please note this is public beta pre-release software.

Extract the contents of the ZIP archive. The minimum required legacy Windows versions are Vista SP2.

Proper installation of MOTU drivers under Windows

This program updates the original UltraLite firmware to version 1. Please refer to update notes for improvements. This download installs MX4 Demo version 2.

This firmware is compatible only with original Travelers. Windows Vista bitWindows Vista bit. It requires a full install, including iLok authorization, of MX4 version 2.

Pre-release public beta version of Ethno Instrument for Vista x32 and x To determine which firmware version is currently installed on your Traveler mk3, look at the front panel LCD while the interface boots or check the Traveler mk3 tab of the MOTU Audio Setup application. The archive also contains additional documentation to supplement the audio interface User Guide. Please refer to Read Me for update notes contained in installer.


This update requires a previous full install and authorize of MachFive v. Place the “Mackie Control 1” plug-in into DP’s application plug-ins folder. Refer to the Update Notes for more info.

– Proper installation of MOTU drivers under Windows

Full documentation windoas this version update is contained in the Digital Performer 3. New Features in DP 6. This update does not apply to UltraLite mk3s. Run the Setup file in the archive.

– Using the Legacy FireWire Driver in Windows 7

This program updates the UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid firmware to version 1. Refer to the installer’s Update Notes for more information. After install completes, power up your MOTU audio interface. WindowsWindows MEWindows This update requires a previous full install and authorization of Digital Performer 5.

DO NOT download this update. Install this update if you have a previous full install of Version 3. After expanding these archives, be sure to move the “FreeStyle 2.

Can I use my MOTU hardware with Windows 7? Does my software work with Windows 7?

Download drivers from the appropriate hardware link from our downloads page. This program updates the MicroBook II firmware to version 1. Traveler users u,tralite also install the Traveler Hardware Update version 1. This is the file used in the DP3 Tutorial section. Before installing, download and install the latest iLok Driver from http: Please refer to the installer Read Me for changes and complete system requirements.