Hi Timi, The drum list was just what I needed thanks. All the best, SysExJohn. Once you’ve got them all down I can probably help you to build an ins file. I might then post a general overview about how to create an Instrument File on the list. That’s what I get when I wake in the middle of the night and start doing things that need even a little brain activity. Sorry about the delay in responding, Mondays are incredibly busy days for me.

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User Control Panel Log out. One that I’ve tried to follow ever since, when designing a new course.

And don’t lose the list of voices for the SP, you’ve created, you’ll be able to copy and paste those into the instrument file you’ll be creating.

Still missing from my. I’ll post the next bit tomorrow with any luck and a tail wind concerning drum nedeli.

Meanwhile you could open an instrument. I’m not asking people to do the work for me, but just help me to get started meeli I’m not so familiar with MIDI and.

Instrument definitions for Thomann/Medeli SP | Cakewalk Forums

My problem with it is that the ep5500 response is terrible – if you play quick 8ths you are unable to reach full velocity after the first key strike Try to work out, if you can, how it is structured. D I have also Korg N1R, which has over patches, but there’s no problems with those as the patches are divided neatly in logical banks. Start with the General MIDI one if you have to, and as long as that works with your piano, modify it to add the other patches from the list in the PDF.


Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? But go ahead and build a list just noting the MSB and the control change data 2 values.

Medeli SP5500 88-Key Stage Piano

Very thorough, and very-well put! I’ve been out teaching again and I’m a bit weary. My searches meeli been exhaustive though, you might keep looking.

Maybe it will help you sort out what’s happening. You’ll find the name of the controllers that the SP responds to in Appendix 6 of your manual listed under “Control Change”. Grand Piano”–but they’re all the same, even though you said you tried ten different patches. The demos on thomann’s site aren’t the best in relation to the actual sound.

So many people I respond to in other placeswant things on a plate and aren’t prepared mexeli put in a little time to get what they want and to learn in the process.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. I’m now semi-retired and teach MIDI part time to adult education classes. The trouble with most of us is that when people don’t understand us we tend to go into more detail.


INS file for my S30 and D keyboards, and they work great.

SoundSTS Medeli SP Key Stage Piano| Soundselecttheshop SoundSTS

Which tool you would recommend? You could leave this first section exactly as it is and it will work fine for you I think as a quick browse through your list shows me the standard MIDI instruments. JPG, of course; I’ll just change the extension. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

I suggest you alter the attached file to include your own details for the SP It seems solid, heavy enough and with a good finish it even has some real wood. If I later find out that the voices are divided into banks that I’m able to change via MIDI, I would be happy, but until then I guess I just have to live with the voices when not playing live and manually choosing SP voices.

Back soon I hope, SysExJohn.

All user reviews for the Thomann SP-5500

Write a user review So5500 for a user review. I like it a lot. Hi Good piano, the keyboard is okay, the sounds are quite all right, the speakers sound good, the sequencer is okay, auto-accompaniment is okay.