The forcedeth driver found on 2. KevinMX Show info Posts:. Nevertheless the developers of the driver integration method had to solve the above specified problem see point 3. It is the better compression, which let me use the tool 7-Zip in the past, but I have already started to replace it by the more common tool WinRAR. Within the “General” section you can choose the “Mode”. Bad floppy disks are the main reason for corrupted driver files. The source CD has to be absolutely “clean” untouched original.

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At this point nLite has finished its work. Zitat I suspect that this is the problem, they overwrite my textmode drivers inserted with nLite. As soon as I have the needed time, I will replace step by step the. Don’t enable eata other tasks, unless you are already familiar with nLite and nearly sure, that the nLite CD will work with your system the more you are adding, tweaking or removing, the more difficult is the search for the reason, if the OS installion should fail.


Download is free of charge. I was able to clone the Operative System to the raaid array. You may use them nevertheless, but at own risk.


The next mccp55 is the preparation of the nForce textmode driver for the later integration. Bad floppy disks are the main reason for corrupted driver files.

Sta January I am offering alternative nForce drivers and driverpacks, which are actual, but maybe better than NVIDIA’s official ones for details you may look here.

It is a good idea to unplug all unnecessary external hardware devices during the installation of the OS with integrated nVRaid drivers. Zitat von Shiverio im Beitrag 2 Thanks again from Valencia!

Nvidia MCP55 SATA/RAID controller, no mirror po |VMware Communities

All you need is to integrate its unzipped content. Thanks for the explanation. You can enable all offered tasks not recommended for newbeesbut you have to enable the tasks “Integrate Drivers” and “Create Bootable ISO”.

Run your just installed OS. After an update I could no longer boot.

Nvidia Mcp55 Sata Raid Driver | downloadbuivel

KevinMX Show info Posts:. One can easily say that mvp55 is all related to the USB stick Installation method, but I am not convinced and before trying wasting time and a dvd, I am here asking your opinion.

XP 32bit x86 only: Shiverio Show info Posts:. Hi Fernando, I am continuing to struggle against Win xp64 and my legacy nforce4 System.


Either they do not work at all example: This modification doesn’t touch the driver’s function and the loss of Microsoft’s digital signature WHQL has no impact on the driver’s installation thanks to nLite’s built-in textmode driver integration method.

If not, download and install it.

nForce Driver Version 15.51 for MCP55

Sunday, August 14, Click on the following links for the driver satx readme info:. Otherwise you may get problems during the installation of the nLited CD. If yes, this was a big mistake.

The better alternative is the integration of the needed textmode drivers into a bootable OS CD. I searched for a solution and I found your words on another forum: Everything I tried led me to bsod after rebooting on the completion of Installation.

Now you will get the following popup rraid Zitat von uazzamerican im Beitrag 6 Your answer is valid for xp64 also?

Once the OS is up, they should run the installer of the suitable nForce chipset driver package. Here is the way how to do it: Failed to save quote.