To separate your notebook from the port replicator: Page This module is keyed so it can only be inserted in one direction. Press and hold the Power button for at least a half-second, but no more than three seconds. The hard drive is located in this bay. Start your notebook, then start your communications program. Too bad no one makes anything this good in the Windows arena anymore other than Dell. When you cur and paste a file or folder, you remove the file or folder from its original location and place the file or folder on the Windows clipboard.

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Press these colored keys in combination with the Fn key to control the screen brightness.

Your notebook or port replicator has one or more of the following ports: Not squeezed together like the newer model laptops! Type the keyword searching in the Search box Snrdi I!


See All Buying Options. Show the contents of this folder. Good luck cause this laptop rocks! To create a cover page template, you use the Fax Cover Page Editor. The battery recalibration process begins and a etherbet opens showing you the progress. Entry Level The Polycom More information.


Technical Details

Customizing Your Gateway M Adjusting the screen and desktop settings Adjusting the color depth and screen area are two of the most basic display settings you may need to change.

TheD ispl ay Properti es dialog box opens. Pack your notebook securely into a briefcase or hand-carried luggage, and keep it separate from toiletries, liquids, and food. The Properties dialog box opens.


Open this cover to install a memory module. Managing Power Changing alarm options To change the alarm options: Connecting The Ac Adapter Make sure that you use the AC adapter that came with your notebook or one of the same type purchased from Gateway.

It includes a full-duplex. Traveling With Your Gateway M Security Get a locking cable for your notebook so you can attach a cable lock and leave your notebook in your hotel room while you are away. This is the password you need to enter at startup.

Page 9 Telephone support Installing your old printer or scanner Windows may have built-in ethernett for older printers, scanners, or other peripheral devices. Click the arrow button list, then click Click All Downloads to walk through a step-by-step wizard to locate your drivers. When traveling, do not check your notebook as baggage.


Important If the drive you want to use is not in the modular bay, you need to swap modules. Many broadband Internet connections, such as cable modems and DSL modems, connect to your notebook’s Ethernet jack. Nero Express copies the tracks or files to your hard drive.

For more ehternet, see “Multi-function buttons” on page Windows Basics About the Windows environment After your notebook starts, the first screen you see is the Windows desktop.

Press the key combination again to restore the sound. Then the clipboard contains the new information only.

For each search, you receive the following search result types: Stop m Stop playing. Faxing a scanned document ft To fax a document that you have scanned: The Select a Project window opens.