But anyway, is there a way of including such drivers into an LTSP environment? To me your post is quite interesting and I want to make some questions, because I have developed a similar configuration but it did not work good in my environment. This locks the servers dpkg, so you can’t use apt on the server while building the chroot. Post as a guest Name. I gave it a quick try last night however I was previosly using the 2.

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I am thinking of making the move from SuSE and wonder if there is any previous experience out there upon which I can draw. This does not really answer the author’s question. These were used as X-terminal serving as display for a lot of windows panels coming from HP-UX machines.

UbuntuLTSP/AtomIon – Community Help Wiki

Global policies for roaming profiles By using the legacy Windows policy editor poledit. To have ltspserver00 serve diskless workstations on the main If you can’t see the edges of your screen, you have a condition called “overscan”. RDP – the easiest way to access Windows terminal server. If that is the case, there will be a lot of users soon you can compare notes with. Microsoft Windows users can connect to the LTSP server running xrdp without installing additional software – lfsp simply start a Remote Desktop Connection on their Windows machine and connect.


To minimise the time needed, deactivate things like local cache in browsers you can use the Squid proxy cache installed on the main server instead and save files into the H: The caller needs to be root or a member of the sudo group.

Intel Atom/NVidia ION

They report that the solution is stable. Managing roaming profiles Roaming profiles contain user work environments which include desktop items and settings.

If all ngidia in this LTSP client subnet should run as thin clients, the following has to be done. Directories that it can be useful to redirect include “Desktop” and “My Documents”. Save the file and you can double click it, or add it to a script to spread it to other machines.

LTSP Nvidia thin client |

Sign nvidja or log in Sign up using Google. There are at least ncidia ways to edit the parts that are removed from the roaming profile.

Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. David Morris If you do not want this, you should disable it via one of the following routes: Refer to the section on upgrading MythTV. If you apply a kernel update to your LTSP server you need to run this command to update your client.

Post as a guest Name.


Chris Thomas You get to control when and what version of mythtv you upgrade to. Most probably this will be firmware-linux-nonfree. All clients get their image from the same server, which causes ltspp loads on the server if many clients are booted at the same time.

The client machines boot directly from the LTSP server without a local hard drive.

You can use gpedit. Comment out the line below to enable again. Use a different LTSP client network The nnvidia server must be announced to the clients as the “next-server” via DHCP.

These instructions are valid for MythTV 0. To make sensible use of poledit.

Home directories and system settings are stored on the server too. Since such fifteen-year-old thin clients may also have trouble running newer versions of LibreOffice and Firefox due to pixmap caching issues, nvldia may consider running thin clients with at least MB RAM, or upgrade the hardware, which will also give you the benefit of being able to use them as diskless workstations.