Google [Bot] and 5 guests. First I installed without Direct3D accelleration. The mouse pointer isn’t visible. But nothing was a goal. Users browsing this forum: The moment I move the mouse the mouse pointer is invisible again. Another thing to try is to disable 3D acceleration in your guest.

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I disabled Mouse Integration and 3D accelleration too. So, either the host will have it, or the guest. Then I had the idea to activate the Mouse Pointer tracking by Setpoint.

I installed the guest additions in Windows safe mode but not by selecting “Devices” an then “Mount guest additions” no reaction but using the Windows Explorer and starting VBoxWindowsAdditions. Mousd thing to try is to disable 3D acceleration in your guest. The mouse pointer isn’t visible. The following information is a brief description of what is known about this file.

Sign in with Twitter Not a member yet? Sorry, you wrote GA. Maybe it is a specific issue with your graphics card.


I also had the Setpoint 6. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Logitech SetPoint Unifying KMDF HID Filter – – Program Information

It is assumed that users are familiar with logktech operating system they are using and comfortable with making the suggested changes. The same problem like reported is up to now. Any ideas what to do? The function of the mouse button works.


I tried your setup I actually tested it; had to steal “borrow” my colleague’s mouse loyitech 5 minutes while he was on a smoking break and it worked as you would expect. My Problem was not solved. Google [Bot] and 5 guests. Users browsing this forum: If in doubt, don’t do anything. The device manager of guest shows me a “VirtualBox Graphics Adapter”.

Therefore, if you disable a Windows Driver, the piece of hardware that it fllter designed to work with may no longer work or have limited functionality.

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit clean installed with all updates. I used the option “experimental Windows Aero support”. But I can’t see it in the window of games such as Freecell, Solitaire, only if I move it to title bar or Status bar. Then I checked the checkbox “Direct3D accelleration”. If you eetpoint further assistance for this file, feel free to ask about in the forums.


Drivers for manufacturers Logitech to USB devices

These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. Board index All times are UTC. After reboot the Logitech mouse pointer is visible even in games and the programmable mouse setppint are working, but the pointer moves very, very inert, unreasonable inert! The problem is the same. Windows 10 Home 64 bit, clean installed. This program is required to run on startup in order to benefit from its functionality or so that the program will work. The pointer was visible at all times.