You have to test it yourself and report here regarding your results. Mirror links to all drivers and complete packages Have fun with these new modded Intel RST e drivers! Thu Jul 04, All WindowsOperating Systems from Win7 up. Thank you, for your answer!

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Zitat von ole im Beitrag 12 Till now, stability is very good – but I never had problems with stability in older versions, too. Since I don’t want to offer here an outdated guide with broken download links and since I am offering the related guides within my own new Win-RAID Forum as well, I decided to completely delete the original text of this start post and intrl refer to my new Forum.

Modded Intel RST e drivers v No, I don’t think so. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

I have just a question: Is it possible, that older Controller will infel “untouched” by newer RSTe-drivers and they have the same functionality as older Vs.? Regards Fernando My current System: Sun Aug 11, Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Fernando Show info Posts:.

Additional advices for the later OS installation:.

Icch7 reason mentioned above will be used. How to benefit from the digital signature of these drivers: I am not sure regarding the answer. All Windows Operating Systems from W2k up.


Dieter alias Fernando My current System: Before you continue with your preparations, you should check, if the S-ATA cables of your hdd’s are really connected to the Intel ports.

By Fernando 1November raid/zhci, in nLite. Dear visitors, in November I have started this thread and wrote a guide about the integration of Intel’s textmode drivers into a Windows XP CD by using the tool nLite. If you are not sure, which of the listed Controllers are the suitable one s for your chipset, you can enable all of them Windows Setup will find and install the correct driver.

Although I do not really recommend to install any RST e driver from the v14, v15 or v16 platform onto systems with an old Intel chipset, interested users may try them nevertheless.

Nevertheless I will give you a short answer: CD-ROM drive to achieve my goal, however before I go out and spend unnecessary money, I would appreciate some feedback raid/ahcci this is in fact is the right diagnosis.

Zitat So my answer is: This post has been promoted to an article. I solved my problem before you posted your reply and it was something that was not in your reply.

Supported IntelĀ® Chipsets and Controller Hubs

Thanks for your reply and congrats, that you have solved the problem yourself. This always will happen, when you want to replace a a WHQL certified driver or b a newer driver by an older one. Users with an older Intel Chipset system should better take a driver, which belongs to the v13 or v14 platform.


So the real question is, to use Intel RST e drivers v While using nLite in My Document directory, my file structure was too long.

Supported IntelĀ® Chipsets and Controller Hubs

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. This way you will participate in the technological innovation. Since I raid/shci like to participate in the technological innovation, I personally would try the newest drivers, which are announced to be compatible with my chipset. Ok, this has inte the original start post after having tried to update it and before I decided to remove my guide text has been completely reformatted by the new Forum software, all links were broken:.