My wife is going to an online school and needs it to work. Lost the wireless, upgraded to Windows 7. Put the battery back. Can you offer any other suggestions. I have reinstalled Vista and the drivers from the HP website and it still is not working. Message to all with an Hp dv series

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I cannot connect to wireless no matter how I try. I fixed it in 2 min after uninstalling the wi-fi card in device manager then searching for changes and letting it reinstall itself and instantly fixed!

Normally,id use better grammar Is this the same or different issue? Report Respond to laonuts.

I believe windows downloaded some updates and installed, because when I shutdown the laptop to reboot today, it had to install some updates. It was working fine, then just stopped recognizing the wireless card. Probably a cold solder joint on the motherboard somewhere, best to replace it if under warranty.

wireless networking – HP Pavilion dv Notebook WiFi issue – Super User

Lets see if they fix it for free. Roy Basnett Dec 25, at I want to make a partition, so that I can load XP. wirelfss


And she can connect to the WiFi everywhere else, it’s just in the office, she can’t. Hey amaancould you please help me out This worked for me.

HP Pavilion Dv6700 Intel Wireless WiFi Card 441088-001 4965agn Tested

Hp extended the warranty on these machines by a year but they are not making them anymore and most models have gone over this two year period. A new laptop really isn’t in the budget right now, but we need the internet access.

Is it time for a new laptop? I’m not sure if I typed your email correctly. Or is there a fix? Switch on your laptop. After reading your post, I called them. Hp is going to fix it free.!!! In your case, the problem is the Nvidia chipset itself.

Same thing has just happened to me today. When I tried to load xp, it said operating system not found. I looked at the monitor and it said Hitman, I hate to say it, but wow, overheating the graphics card I used a app called furmark actually did the trick. Hey, I have the DV, it was vista and I formatted to xp pro, any chance you’d have drivers? Message to all with an Hp dv series I am not sure if my inernet card is dead or if it is driver.


I was experiencing problems with my Hp dv and I fixed the problem myself. What happend was during a storm my power stip broke for my sound and for my power on my laptop I can’t even setup a new wireless wireless connection in vista under “Setup a connection or Network”.

Plus, ur wireless and sound card will most likely stop workin after u downgrade Message 8 of