Posted April 13, Adam 5 years ago. J Watson 5 years ago. In these horseshoe-shaped cells, workers assemble the clubs, making sure that they meet the exact specifications of the individual order. PING is a great American company.

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I am a 20 handicap player looking to get to get to 15 maybe Ping for life this is one of the best posts in along time. Ping was great and provided documentation that allowed me to dispute the charge, get my money back, and destroy the fake. rshaft

#missionPING: Uncovering The Truth Behind The Brand (Day 1)

A company that delays product launch until documented progress is made with a new model? When I bought reshhaft i10s used they were standard at D0 with the ZZ shafts and they felt dead.

I am very impressed by the writing and detail in the article. Like some of you, I viewed the Made in China, assembled in the USA product model as inherently low precision, and low quality. I will never go back to any other club reshafr Ping. I would love to see that!


I must say that i am very impressed. I’ll check these options out.

Huge fan of Ping products, have been playing their irons since I see this at golf club shops as well. Is it really just bending the shaft? That sounds like an incredible trip.

David Jones 5 years ago. Paul Hornung 5 years ago. Workers then pull heads, shafts, grips, and etc. Pd 5 years ago. Thanks pinf sharing your experience with us. Ping hosels are taper tipped.

Uncovering the Truth about PING

Dave Sanguinetti 5 years ago. Pierre M 5 years ago. I too have had the honor of the day-long Ping facility tour many years ago. The attention to detail at ping is incredible…like you said it is not about making a new club to increase sales…it is about making a better club that helps the consumer play better, sales the right way….

It takes a ridiculous amount of heat to break down.

This thread is days old. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Jay 5 years ago. And my new ping bag?!


Typical trolling or is there some validity to the complaints?

To me quality is the first thing I look at in any product that I plan to purchase. Please log in to reply. John Grubb 5 years ago.

Some poor Hoofer had its legs extended 20, times so that your bag could serve you better. Wonderful story and post.