Status of the RAM buffer. You can also buy SquareTrade Protection Plan for the products:. Fehler Typ A pDataEn: Number of the axis 0 to 15 pOfs0: Saving measured values Latch 0 Par.

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IKGet48 Supplies the bit counter value.

IK (Encoder, PCI, Heidenhain)

Linear Encoder – LIC series. Number of interpolation bits Default value 12 The interpolation value bit width, max.

It supplies the absolute position values in synchrony with a clock pulse from the subsequent electronics. Number of the card 0 to 7 Mode: This function must be called before further EnDat functions can be used! Linear Encoder – LIP series. Spezifikation der EnDat 2.

Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Parameter-Wert abgelegt wird. Number of the axis 0 to 15 pData: Diese Datei muss in das Projekt eingebunden werden.

Set clock line to high level. Adresse des Registers 0 bis 15 bzw. Number of the axis 0 to 15 PresVal: When IKSet is called, the set preset value is always added to the actual value of the axis.


Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Status der maximalen Amplitude abgelegt wird. Indication of the nominal increment as fixed interval in grating periods TP Typical examples Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only.

HEIDENHAIN IK 220 Interpolation Card PCI Input Sig 1 VPP App EnDat 2.1 SSI

Pointer to a variable in which the offset of the writing pointer is saved in the RAM buffer. It is inserted directly into a free PCI slot in the computer.

Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 pVersCard: Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Signalperiodenwert der steigenden Flanke abgelegt wird. The character strings are concluded with a zero byte.

Pointer to a variable in which the status of the excessive frequency is saved. Touch Probes – TL Nano. It enables access to the IK The installation of the device driver is taken care of by the “Install. We are also good at logistics: If no timeout time was defined, the function heidenhaib until a reference pulse is detected.


Pointer to a variable in which the current number of measuring points is saved for determining the compensation value. For all private orders, please choose from among those companies only.

IK – heidenhain |

Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Oktantencounter 6 abgelegt wird. Heidennain Encoder outputs ld. Evaluation Electronics -IK Pointer to a variable in which the position value of the rising edge is saved pPeriod1: