Taking a predicted branch costs 2 cycles most likely it causes a stall in the pipeline, likely can be eliminated in certain cases, TBDWGRM but not too important. That is making the processor run faster than it’s designed to do. An overclocked or overheated XO that goes south should just quietly crap out. But getting the wrong answer for your checkbook could spoil it. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. What Do Toddlers Think? Views Page Discussion View source History.

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Personally, I’d rather not push the envelope on the chipset. I read the only downside is they teode output quite as much power as other battery chemistries.

What’s even odder, I got two – one for each of my kids, and they both do the same thing. The NX part runs at 1. If you tell me what did you geoee and from whom, perhaps I will have a suggest ….

Download [1] from [2]. Operand data if required is returned and set up to the Execution stage with no bubbles if there was a data cache hit. I did not notice if battery life was noticeably affected. Discussions Oh, come on Michael. There are many applications were left out just because there is not enough power. Not the lifetime of yeode battery itself – I’m not worried about px exploding – just how long you can run it without recharging.


Bill Stewart March 28, 8: So any day now I should expect to see a youtube video of an overclocked XO bursting into flames and exploding. Retrieved from ” http: That’s why there’s always some additio …. It is described as a unified L2 victim cache. Geode GX and LX processors are typically found in devices such as thin clients and industrial control systems. Allows Instruction Decode to proceed even if the pipeline is stalled downstream.

Overclocking is a neat hack and it’s cool to be able to claim you did it. Not taking a predicted branch costs 1 cycle as in the databook. Wayan March 27, I’m an ex-hardware designer: Waves of XO speed. The instruction and data L1 TLBs are both entry, fully associative.

AMD Geode LX MHz processor Overview – CNET

List of AMD microprocessors. OLPC is not death; eg. These load an 32 bit reg into an MMX reg.

The L2 cache is KB, 4-way set associative, with an undocumented line size. Because the FPU runs asynchronously with the IU, every data exchange requires synchronization, which can consume a LOT of cycles this is nowhere documented but measured:.


You just follow the same route upstream how you got the 2XO Tablets? For this to work, you must have a developer key, or have previously disabled security on your OLPC.

AMD Geode LX

It is likely that one would want to patch gdb as well. The IU can schedule at most 1 instruction per clock cycle.

Prefix bytes are extracted from raw instruction data. Overclock at your own risk.