Multipart Forms Multipart forms Your printer can print on both single-sheet and continuous multipart forms. Place the printer on a flat, stable surface, close enough to the computer for the interface cable to reach it. Epson LQ – printer – monochrome – dot-matrix cha. Set the paper release lever to the single- sheet position and insert a new sheet. If your printer is not included in the list, contact your software manufacturer to see if there is an update. Use only carbonless multipart forms. You can load single-sheet multipart forms in both the front and top paper slots.

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Remove the paper tension unit by lifting it up and off the printer.

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Turn on the printer. Moreover, with the handy parallel IEEE computer connection included on the Epson LQ, you can output the digitized moments of your life with an effortless hookup. Pause Press this button to temporarily stop printing and to resume printing. Plugging In The Printer Plug the power cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet. B The epsonn left margin is 3. Roll paper holder allows you to use your printer with 8. To print on continuous paper, you need to install the tractor unit in the front or pull position.


Release the sprockets by pushing the sprocket locks forward.

Page 44 Using Epson Remote! Labels Since labels are especially sensitive to temperature and humidity, use them only under normal operating conditions.

Page Bring the leading edge of the paper up over the rear push tractor and insert it into the printer path until you feel resistance. Paper Alignment Paper alignment Front paper alignment Printing starts at the arrow mark. Make sure the printer is turned off. Chapter 1 contains information on unpacking, setting up, testing, and connecting the printer.

This allows you to load two different types of paper.

Epson LQ Standard Dot Matrix Printer | eBay

Important Safety Instructions Unplug the printer and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions: This dot matrix printer features powerful controls, therefore you can easily adjust the sharpness, resolution, and scaling just the way you like it.

The maximum printable width is Move the paper release lever to lq-2170u single-sheet position.

Page 28 If you plan to use a printer stand, follow these guidelines: Epson Dot Matrix Printer Heads. Insert a new sheet straight into epskn paper guide.


Epson LQ 2170

When you print on single sheets, if the printer prints the first page of your file correctly but then prints too low on the next Setting Up the Printer Insert a sheet of paper between the edge guides until it meets resistance. Cable, connecting, Cards. There may be too much paper in epsoon stacker. Tear-Off After you have finished printing, you can use the tear-off feature to advance continuous paper on the push tractor to the tear-off edge of the printer.

Page 58 Release the sprockets by pushing the sprocket locks backward. The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers.

If dealer or qualified service person for assistance. Specifications, Command Summary, and Character Tables both front and rear entry to mm 3. Make sure the tractor is in the pull tractor position and the paper release lever is set to the pull tractor position.