Originally Posted by qip. It works with The ECB is Are high powered WLAN products dangerous? LED’s have gotten too bright in our stuff.

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Using a Senao NL-2511CD Wireless Card With Linux

Now, I know it has the chipset. Two new network interfaces will appear wlan0 and wifi0.

The ECB is Here is a guide on how to set up WDS repeater. At least in her laptop, its thermal performance is as unimpressive as its WiFi is impressive. So here are my questions for folks “in the know”: It seems that is a single-chip solution, but some of those don’t have the best compatibility out of the box [with Linux], and, some of those are not the most sensitive.

The EUBH also has a virtual Access Point mode that will create a hotspot around your computer for other devices to connect to and share the remote Internet connection.

How do I reset the eoc, eoc, eoc, ecb or eap to factory default. If there is a problem with your device you can email support EnGeniustech.


Start a HyperTerminal session: The default ip address in bridge mode is Each of these cards has a high receive sensitivity, and though they will mostly be used in Windows, I would cafd some Linux compatibility. No idea what is in it, but I suspect part of its performance is from the all plastic case.

You must select the ndis driver from netstumblers adapter menu. I have owned this thing for about 6 months now. The other thing is which generation of Atheros chipset is best? Overall, I’d say the Intel chipsets hold the lead for embedded wifi connectivity.

All times are GMT Type “flash reset”, then hit enter. Why do I need to use them?

Keenan Systems Wireless Store – Engenius Senao MMCX clip on antenna

The ECBS here has mW of transmit power and dBm receive sensitivity it currently has the best range over 50 percent better than the ecb Out of those, the Atheros chipset is the best. This thing is amazing, with a range just slightly shorter than the Mac – 2511cdpous I mean just slightly.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I would look for a USB powered setup. Is this a mistake?


Senao SL-2511CD PLUS EXT2

Last edited by LEDAdd1ct; at pmccia The series has the most developed firmware with many features. You must select non overlapping channels you will have reduced throughput dropped connections and other problems.

Carr that much microwave RF right next to me is a bit scary. I’ve also been contemplating trying out the Horizons HZ “long range” model, but have heard people saying that this model is bettered by more recent Atheros chipsets. My Thinkpad engwnius I am typing on right now has one, and it seems fairly sensitive. The WLAN light will only comes on once a client has associated this way you know when the wireless network is in use.

Debian packages are available for both: This card, too, is supported in Windows, and I believe the 2.