As our sample HD video clips show, the Kodak has trouble in attempting to adjust focus for moving subjects – drifting drunkenly in and out – though maximum frame rate ensures a smooth replay and the MPEG4 compression format as opposed to AVCHD no compatibility issues. Next along on the top plate is the main shooting mode dial, which, again is surprisingly feature-packed for an inexpensively priced model, with nine options to choose from. The Z has a limited burst mode that can handle 3 shots. What’s more, the full extent of the zoom can be accessed whilst recording – it doesn’t merely freeze at the point it was set to before filming commenced. As might be expected in a camera of this quality all photos are taken jpeg format.

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Our natural instinct to avoid being molly-coddled means we tend to ignore this hand-holding option entirely and use a card reader instead, as truthfully, the quality of an image can’t be accurately assessed via LCD screen alone.

Kodak Z Review and Specs

This will allow a budding photographer to tinker with their own settings, while relying on the auto modes whenever they like. When the camera is active, the aforementioned flash and self timer symbols on the top plate are illuminated, as is the indicator next to the mode wheel – the next control we come to – and, rather more visibly, an HD symbol over to the far left.

While a press of this provides the option to review saved images, a press of the menu button in this mode brings up the usual range of options, plus Kodak’s auto enhancing ‘Perfect Touch’ technology. First of all the tripod mount is centrally located and is made of metal, both of which are good to have but are not always present in smaller cameras.


Kodak says that a fully charged Z can take about photos and our testing came very close to this estimate. Optical System Image Stabilizer. The Z also has face detection and good image stabilization.

Via this, users can manually adjust ISO settings betweenswap between auto, manual, macro and infinity focus settings, tweak exposure, plus z905 manual mode itself, additionally shutter speed and aperture.

A slightly odd bit of design there then. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. The Z offers 5 color modes: Or do you even notice?

Kodak EasyShare Z Review – DigitalCameraReview

It uses it Smart Capture processing ezsyshare reduce noise and adjust the dynamic range. Compact Camera Group Test: The topmost button is the delete, the second is for menu functions, the third is an information button that explains the various menu options, and the bottommost is a playback button. The Kodak EasyShare Z is a camera cast in a more traditional mold than most of the others in this group. The grip enabled me to easily shoot with one hand.

It works, but is very limited and somewhat slow. Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. Not so good for: No removable is supplied out of the box however.

KODAK EASYSHARE Z950 Digital Camera — User guide

Don’t know about you, but I’m really miffed about this As expected, these are easjshare via a top plate mode dial the size of a halfpenny or five cent piece. Starting at the front – or business end – the faceplate, itself mixing rubber plastic and easyshzre, is dominated by the large aforementioned zoom lens, stored almost flush to the body when not in use and extending by roughly an inch and a half when it is.


The third button down, marked with a lower-case ‘i’ is, naturally enough, one for ‘info’. XT2 with 56mm 1.

This is not a major problem, however, as I found that the 3. PictBridge support, direct print.

Kodak EasyShare Z950 Review

One-handed operation is possible, though gripping in both feels altogether more secure – and preferable to help avoid camera shake when shooting at maximum telephoto. Reviewed Jun 16, When the scene mode icon is selected on the top dial, the menu gives the user a choice of 17 scene modes — high ISO, portrait, night portrait, landscape, night landscape, flower, sunset, backlight, candle light, museum, text, beach, snow, fireworks, children, self portrait, and stage.

We found that we had to jiggle the plug to get it situated just eayshare before easyshre would charge. The bottom of the Z contains two things worth noting.

A press on the Info button lets you eliminate the on-screen information.