That isn’t to say that these other systems don’t suffer from latency issues they do , it’s just that the built-in audio drivers on other systems Core Audio on Macs and ALSA on Linux already have the low-latency and system tuning capabilities that ASIO provides on Windows. With that said I have not used the machine via the computer, I’ll update if location is I’m sure the creature has more than one trick up his sleeve The sound quality overall is pretty crazy anyway, very clean and space, and even more when you consider the ridiculous price of foo. Finally you mentionned also line 6 and others. Over by the sliding door. For instance, you are likely to find that plugging the headphone cable into the VR15 mutes the speaker, leading you to the monitoring issue again. Discussion in ‘ Gear Chat ‘ started by bygdaddy , Sep 21, I Was trying to help but I can’t find any advice in the Reaper forum.

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In distortion we can do almost anything and have it all I will run into the same issues of latencies and my computer not knowing which audio source to take as a priority and ASIO drivers not being launch because of “asio used by another application” sort of thing. I just got a digitech rp and i want to use it as an interface to record stuff dihitech my computer.


Audio interface – Soundcard – And no need for ASIO

I tried the others besides ASIO too with no luck. Haven’t rigitech to the site in a while, but the software and tons of patches are available for it. Did you find this review helpful? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Sort by most recent most useful. You can download the digitech software.

You can then use Reaper to record. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

November 26, Do you already have an account? That could be part of it as well my recording pc is XP.

RedLesPaulSep 22, Needed at home computer music. Yes the USB should be fine for you.

The ASIO system is pretty much the standard rp15 any serious music production use. Discussion in ‘ Gear Chat ‘ started by bygdaddySep 21, The distortion pedal board are amazingly good and realistic and full of punch, a real treat.

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It really can’t be beat for the price. Mar 29, Messages: Lexicon reverbs my eye is platissime and dull but clean and efficient ultimately. Thanks a million for all of you help on this forum! Oct 26, Messages: The real plus for me is the USB!!! Also, someone else just told me I should really buy a mic digotech place in front of my amp as any of these devices RP or focusrite will not give me a good sound without a mic.


Recording latency in Reaper – Home Recording forums

Moriador Pub Night Playa Posts: No way with the and it is very unfortunate. Users browsing this forum: Much better than the other pod and for a much lower price well BTW Ardour didnt get any comments, but digitrch you havent seeb it take alook at it.

The clean sounds are also poorer, even topo I prefer smoother but more accurate and especially without those nasty resonances in the midrange.

The machine is capable of much better! May 23, Messages: I put it up to 17db and now it is perfect. Our members also liked: