Every manufacturer tries to avoid quality issues as a result of faulty assembly. A plastic casing is to be installed into a car’s instrument display. To ensure optimal measurement conditions we offer screwdriver adapters in combination with linear stands or parallelogram arms see brochure D At the end of this test series, after careful analysis, the results are made available for the manufacturer to see which screwdriving parameters and type of screwdriving tool are most suitable for this particular screw assembly task. The software can be used on 32 and also 64 bit Windows Systems.

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Each assembly is graphically displayed and analyzed. Find more suppliers in Mumbai Torque Sensors in Mumbai.


The screw assembly has to remain within the range torqus defined tolerance limits: Therefore, the industry has to draw on indirect measuring means in screw assembly. Pneumatic Srewdrivers with additional function control. With the tightening deprat thread-forming and thread-cutting screws, high driving torque-values are necessary. With this particular procedure, friction influencing errors may be eliminated and the load capacity of the screw can be extended to its maximum.

The angle of screw rotation is also used in the determination of the actual achieved pre-tension.

What does a lipstick, a fridge, a light switch, and vehicle instrumentation have in common?

The torque controlled screwdriver for extremely small torque values of 8Nmm upto Nmm accurately. A docking station and battery charger are included with the ME However, because of very different product material-characteristics, the context cannot be taken care of by the screw material-characteristics alone.


The friction changes the relationship between the torque and achieved pre-tension; it is one of the major unknown dimensions in the specification of the fastening parameters. In a fully automatic assembly station, the regular testing of stationary screwdrivers is necessary. The time-difference between the 1st and 2nd impulse echo is used to measure the screw length. With self-drilling or self-forming screws, additional error variables occur, requiring a so-called insertion torque.

For the support of our screwdrivers, we offer a suitable, process reliable parallelogram arm, which is shown in our PDF Product Catalog D Every manufacturer tries to avoid quality issues as a result of faulty assembly.

Screw assembly with a constantly high torque, as in the initial phase of this application, would result in unintentionally reaching the destructive overload torque and screws or the sheet metal may be distorted. Furthermore, he is interested in learning more about the functional reliability of his design.

Single measurement with displayof the currently prevailing torque value is an operating mode of the measuring instrument ME The screw joint analysis derives the ideal fastening method.

All values are graphically displayed on the LC display. It is however important that the torque shut-off is bridged during the driving of the screw, so that a premature shut-off of the screwdriver is avoided.


In deprga with the corresponding torque measuring instrument, the E-torque wrenches can also be used for the testing of a screw connection already, by either tightening or loosening the connection. The DEPRAG product line offers not only handheld screwdrivers for the industrial mass production, but also a wide assortment of stationary screwdrivers for automatic assembly machines.

To avoid this disadvantage and above all else to escape the strong limitations of the tension screw, without having the friction-values again as a disadvantage, the so-called limit-value-controlled tightening process was developed. They excel through an especially low integration effort — depraf that at an extreme small footprint.

It is still possible to overlay this process with additional angle- and torque limits for additional safety. The required graph analysis program is toraue as standard.

Ergonomic Pistol Grip screwdrivers for torques of 0.

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Flow Drill Screwdriving Module. The software can be deprg on 32 and also 64 bit Windows Systems. A plastic casing is to be installed into a car’s instrument display. This is because of a relative simple technical process. You can easily process large amounts of data e.