Give millions of geeks the same toy, and it evolves into a new toy. We’re interested in the neat little reader, and the unlimited possibilities that it brings! We’ll take the bits of the expected data and group them into six bits, the standard for base conversion. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Mine hasn’t even been opened. The comma character can be problematic for the server programmer when CGI libraries are used that impose a meaning on comma. September 26, For some time now, the people over at Digital Convergence the makers of the CueCat have been sending out legal notices to website owners who have hacked their CueCat.

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They claim that these websites are infringing on their Intellectual Property. Go to your local Radio Shack, walk up to a clerk, and simply say “Hi!

OK, so we have come this far, and can’t establish a one-to-one correspondence with code positions and characters in the wand report. Nope, that didn’t work; the three resulting characters are not the same.

We see it matches the original barcode.

Using the POST method, the data is placed in a datastream. It isn’t working with my linux Slackware A userspace utility is also provided to test a CueCat without patching the kernel, and plans to make a cheap serial pod for the CueCat are included as well. Because I doubt that million of these things have been shipped, I supposed that the last three digits may indicate a code revision level within the barcode wand itself.


The CueCat is a nifty little piece of hardware. If you see something other that what’s described on the page, let me know and I’ll update this information. Visit the following links: We also see this in the first field, which suggests that the field also contains zeros in it — for this particular wand, there appears to be at least nine leading zeros.

This essay intends to show that the determination of the cuecwt of the CueCat is simple and straightforward, and requires a minimum of effort and cryptoanalysis. This string never changes, regardless of what you scan. Patches available for the following linux kernel versions: I will get to work on a 2.

CueCat driver for Linux

When we subtract out the desired value of the character ‘0’, orwe get a delta pattern of or the ASCII character ‘C’. First, let’s review how HTML forms work.

To preserve the variety of software out there for the Cuecag, I’ve started distributing it on this page. The second string defines this as a UPC-A Barcode, however that is unimportant in the decoding process. This particular barcode was created using the Azalea Software package, which is a “Cue” with the special encoding seen here.

Let’s look at our above example again:.

Linux-Kernel Archive: The Input Layer and the Serial Port

You may be asking “How’d you manage that? This encoding is guaranteed to exercise that portion of the base table.


To do this, we need a way of generating our own barcodes. The fourth barcode is particularly interesting in that it is the BookLan scan of a sister book in the Coriolis series, Linux Core Kernel Commendary — interesting because the ISBN codes are exactly one digit apart.

Cuecat Barcode Reader – Linux StepByStep

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Comparisons of output from multiple units shows that there are differences from unit to unit. Now that it’s established that we have a base code, we need to recalculate the deltas so that three source digits correspond to four code digits, and that we maintain block order.

Whatever code is being used doesn’t use any form of cypher streaming, kerndl identical input appears to generate identical output. Copyright Stephen Satchell — all rights reserved. In other words, we have an interesting bracketing of numbers. And we have a match. Let’s look at the bit patterns. These numbers are attached to you, and your name floats around as a candidate for targetted advertising and Gestapo habit-tracking.