Hve you tried pon and poff or WVdial? Why didn’t I notice it before. Perhaps compiling and installing modules from linmodems is totally useless if you add sl-modem-daemon from Ubuntu packages. Now you can connect full-speed to the Net that is 56kbps, of course The package you downloaded contains sl-modem-daemon.. Is it because I dont have the debhelper package.

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Otherwise you will have to download the driver from http: Email Required, but never shown. There are a couple warnings i do not know about. Zeigerziele in Zuweisung unterscheiden sich im Vorzeiche nbesitz cc -o hsfinf2bin inf2bin. Duncan and Autocrosser I think you are going to get a lot of help on this and should be able to sort this out soon. I found debhelper, fakeroot and linux-headers-ARCH were missing.

Compilation returns some warnings, but modem c11252 finally recognized!


Debian package doesn’t install, as it has some broken dependency – libasound2I find the same behaviour listed before. If u know the link just give it to me.

Open Gnome-ppp and click on Setup Under Modem tab, Device, you can click detect to have Gnome-ppp detect your modem, but as under the wvdial setup this would maybe not work and you will have to type in your modem device. Hi folks, I’ve sort of followed this thread because I had been attempting to install the Conexant modems so I could use linux on my laptop while at my parents place over the holidays, where only dial-up is available.


The procedure below has worked for me on many new clean installs. Smartlink is another kettle of fish since they do provide a decent driver for no cost, and linmodem has all the info. Speed is however limited to Now rename it so as not to cobexant you as Kubuntu user!

Howto Conexant and Smartlink modem [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I got 5 of them free with some other purchase and But given the price of a decent modem, I wouldn’t. What should I do? It’s better than linuxant The laptop has gone back to owner now, so i will have to wait til she messes up XP again I’m hoping it doesn’t happen, but if it does and you feel like experimenting with the modem again, PM me with the link to the thread.

I found a lucent modem that I have been messing around with but it is coming up with a very similar problem im now trying to solve here. It is unfortunate that you have a world cup competition smack in the middle of exam season.

Instead, I established a two-way connection in the following way: My modem is also smartlink so I’ll probably meet this problem in the future if I upgrade.


Hope I helped a bit. I have not been able to remove Conexant using dpkg or apt because the various modules are not conexanr. But how do I get this to work in Ubuntu Dapper? Am able to reset the modem after each failure using: This may not be the definitive solution but meanwhile we would have our modem modules compiled and linuc on edgy.

Why didn’t I notice it before. Thanks for the wonderful howto!!! Using method B for the conexant modem I get the following errors.

The modem seems to work best in my 2nd PCI slot very bad in 1st-right below the AGP –as usual, taking the time to “tinker” with your equiptment pays off: Invalid module format Apparently this occurs during the “sudo modprobe hsfserial” command. I may need some expert help as there seems to be a failure in the script and I know nothing about programming.

Dont worry here is the simple solution.