If you help us maybe we can find a way to help you. If only Black is not printing, but the print head is clean, change purge unit. If the print head fails to work properly after reinstalling it, contact the Customer Care Center. My I stopped printing the yellow ink but there were no blinking lights. If that does not work, Ebay purchase might be the next move.

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The current situation is that when connecting the printer to the power cable, the orange LED is flashing continuously without blinks. In our heavy-print tests which assume a 50 percent ink coverage on the pagepages came in at just more than 3 cents for black printing pprint 19 cents for color.

You have no idea how much I i550 it. To plug it back, I use a small set screw with an allen wrench.

Resetting the Canon i |

What else did you try to fix it? I believe that if the sensor has an error, it can be caused by the following; 1. The manual would be a very good idea because Canon really does not want anyone to know how to clean a printer or they would supply the information in the OEM manual.

Canon i Service Manual 46 pages.


If the force of water is not that great, would you compare it to the force of a full flow faucet. It did not work but I tried it again an rinsed it longer and now it prints great.

We got a ton of calls on those, people saying that they were missing the tray and wondering why their papers were flying all over the place. I suspect that the forum monitor dumped it because I suggested another web site.

That is where you fill your ink. I have a picture on Photobucket at: For those of you that don’t know how to install ink carts or how to remove the printhead, go to the Canon support web site and download the “quickstart guide”. Some have taken the printer appart, cleaned the pads, and then did the reset and gotten that to work.

You should see each color ink at the correct screen and this tells you that you are getting water i50 flow backwards through the printhead, I will clean them as you suggest. Medium heat gentle air Thanks.

Canon Knowledge Base – Perform a Print Head Cleaning i

If your using refilled inks, probably print head would be my first guess. In addition, aftermarket ink carts are all water-based. It has always worked just great, though it makes a fair amount of noise and is no speed demon. Glad I prayed and didn’t. Ok here is what we do in the shop.


Canon i550 Quick Start Manual: Troubleshooting Printer Hardware

Recently it has a problem. Hi, Yes it was working before I replaced the catridges. There is no software for the OS Version you selected. I did ccanon whole self-clean routine: Won’t accept my name and password, and also won’t send it to my email, so my posts keep ending up as anonymous.

Quite honestly we have been getting these re-filled rather than buying new ones at a prrint of the cost. This page requires Javascript. Accessed 29 December And it sound all right, even great. I have tried all the methods I have found on the site and still don’t get it back to work. Make sure you compeletly dry the printhead with compressed air, including the back where the contact card is located, and every place that water can get into.

If the waste ink pads are full, the ink sensor is on all the time at full.