In the Number option box, use the left and right arrow buttons to select the number of images you want printed. The CAMEDIA P is equipped with special paper and ink ribbon that allow it to combine photo quality color reproduction with high durability printing. Media Handling Media Path Type. Colored-in area is color space of P Relative to the Kodak Personal PictureMaker low-end standalone photo-grade inkjet , gamut is actually slightly larger, better in the bright reds, greens, and some blues, slightly weaker in purples and some yellow-reds. Submit a News Tip!

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Also at the bottom of the LCD display is the number of copies to be printed x 1, x 2, etc.

Printing Max Resolution Color. Select OK, and all of your images will be printed. Each of these adjustments can be set on a scale of 1 to 5 using the right and left arrow buttons. Located on the bottom left of the printer’s front panel, this button turns the printer on or off. Inkjet printers generally camedoa to “dither” tiny dots of ink across a larger area to achieve smooth tonal gradations.

It’s a monochrome design black and whitewhich made it more difficult vigital see the photos displayed on it. Photo paper, photo stickers. You will automatically return to the Standard menu. Unused camediia just remains on the carrier ribbon and gets spooled onto the take-up reel when the print is completed. Which Fuji X lens do you love the most? As we’re finding with most printers we test though, “print time” is subject to some interpretation.

Camedoa an Error message is displayed, it means the PC card is unrecognizable, or the card was removed from the printer while still accessing image data a fatal error!


If you are using a memory card to deliver the files, you must first insert the card into the appropriate reader and then turn cklor printer’s Mode dial to Input.

The ribbon contains enough pigment to produce the maximum black at every point of the page. The P uses a three-color cyan, magenta, yellow heat transfer process to produce its continuous-tone, dye-sublimation prints. The top arrow button allows you to rotate images, as well as change the number of copies to be printed.

Olympus P-400

You can even print without a computer thanks to SmartMedia and PC Card slots, and preview and select which images to print beforehand using the LCD panel. Additional Layout options can be viewed p-4000 scrolling through the options with the left and right arrow buttons. Release new print drivers.

Then again though, given that the P sells for perhaps a third the price of competing units, we’re probably lucky to have an LCD panel of any sort.

This is the comparison between the P colored outline and standard SWOP white color gamuts, seen in 3-D color space “Lab” space, in this example.

We also found the menus to be very sluggish when printing TIFFs from a memory card. Next, turn the Mode dial to the Paper position to select one of printee paper cammedia Bose, Sony, Sennheiser and Jaybird Here’s a selection of the best headphone shopping values this holiday season.

Olympus Camedia P Digital Color Photo Printer – video dailymotion

These four arrow buttons one in each cardinal direction are located on the right side of the LCD panel. Dye-sublimation printers generally have somewhat more stable dye sets than traditional inkjet printers, and some like the P also incorporate a UV-resisting overcoat later to provide further protection.


The P also offers a Background Tile feature, which arranges small images in tile form over the entire background of the page. Standard Mode Standard mode prints one camrdia more images on a single page up to 16 images on A4 paper, and up to six images on A5.

When the image and priinter engine resolutions didn’t match, computer-generated prints showed noticeable “jaggies” along high-contrast edges in the image. While not quite rising to Olympus’ quoted specifications, the print times achieved by the P are lightning-fast when compared to the print times of many photo-quality inkjet printers. For this test, it was scaled down to 31 megabytes, a good bit more resolution than the printer itself provides.

Digital Camera Printer Review: Olympus Camedia P Printer Review

The jaggies are so small that it’s quite likely many users wouldn’t notice them. Either higher or lower image resolutions produced the same results. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is diigital.

Unlike printers that produce color in multiple dots such as the ink jet printer, the P allows one pixel gradation for 1 dot, which is smaller than dpi, the so-called maximum naked cameida resolution. Image Adjustments The P allows you to make a few minor image adjustments when printing from a memory card.