Innova Rat – Star. Innova Firebird – DX. Innova Rhyno – GStar. It is a slightly different mold than the Shark. This makes it a top 3 choice for overstable fairway drivers.

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We’ve been in the business sincethrowing even longer and we love what we do! I will get another Z one soon so I can have a back up Z. Check out the Shot Glossary. Joe will receive a substantial portion….

Best Overstable Distance Drivers

Redesigned for more speed, the flat top Aviar3 putter is a reliable upshot putter. Advanced players and si….

The Overtsable Blizzard Champion Destroyer is a stable to overstable distance driver. Innova Boss – Star – 10th Anniversary. It is fast and can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds.

Although this disc golf driver has a wide rim, it is also relatively easy to hold and throw both backhand a…. Check Out the Innova Thunderbird.


The Innova Star Destroyer is a stable to overstable distanc….

[Innova] Best Innova Overstable Driver? – Disc Golf Course Review

One of the most reliable distance drivers for beginners has to be the Innova Valkyrie. Check Overstaboe the Innova Mako3. Innova Rhyno – Champion.

It has a long straight flight, amazing glide, a good bit of fade and great control. Compared to the Wraith it is faster inonva has a little more high and low speed stabil…. This is a list of Innova Stable Distance Drivers. Innova Roc – Star Bottom Stamp. A disc rated 5 will fade or hook hardest at the end of the flight. If the total is -1 to – 5, it’s understable with – 1 being just slightly understable and -5 being very understable. Innova overstablw their top selling putter and made it into a flat-topped….

Josh will receive a substantial portio…. Innova Gator3 – Champion – Limited Edition. Test out your release velocity and angles with this super reliable understable midrange. The straightest flyer on the market, the Discraft Stalker bsst a must bag. Most understable discs make good rollers, especially the ones with -2 to -4 Turn.


Best Overstable Distance Drivers – Disc Golf Reviewer

The Innova DX Boss is an overstable distance driver. It’s essential for windy conditions as well as sharp doglegs.

Disc Golf Courses in the United States: There are all kinds of shots in disc golf. As Lizotte misses his birdie putt, Nate also takes home the unnova place in the tournament! With strong fade and minimal glide, this disc golf driver is great for headwind upshots. Your email address will not be published.

Oh yea, did I say straight flyer?