I’ve also update my system today and now i have kernel 2. Different models come with different-sized SSDs. The drivers are located on the Dvd in: Die besten Netbooks Origem: This model is the bigger brother to the EEE pc 2,4,8g models. The only problem for Asus is competition that offers some interesting things.

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The little laptop ticks all the right boxes when it comes to features and performance. It’s not only light, it’s also lasts for a quite a while more than usually expected. The touchpad is likewise larger than the touchpad on the original Eee PC and this touchpad also features multi-touch functionality so that you can zoom in or zoom out on things like PDFs in order to view the text more easily.

This of course makes a seperate scrolling area on the pad unnecessary. The built in webcam should work out of the box in Ekiga and Skype 2 Beta for Linux.

Although the noise made by system cooler was very slighttechnically measuring under 30 dB Abecause of its high frequency it left a somewhat negative impression.

By default you may be running a x vs the x for the series that it should run at.

Asus Eee PC – External Reviews

There was no optical drive, the 7in screen was on the small side and, it certainly couldn’t lay claim to being as drop dead gorgeous, nor as powerful, as premium-priced ultraportables such p Sony’s VGN-TZ The following has been fixed in the latest release of the Skype beta.


Asus Eee PC on Ciao. Retrieved 19 November This has been fixed for later releases but may still be an issue for Ubuntu 8. This version of madwifi only gives intermittent WiFi for me – I get frequent brown-outs no data though connection stays up and connection failures.

The isn’t the revolution the was – or, thanks to the higher price, as compelling.

But with this model Asus got the form-factor down pat. Asus Eee PC Origem: The engineers have clearly listened to all the comments regarding the original Eee PC and attempted to put them right.

ASUS Eee PC 900 Free Driver Download (Official)

The fact is, the 8. Asus received some criticism over the speakers on the original Eee PC because of there massive size located on both sides of the screen.

It is important to ensure that the heatsink pads are replaced correctly after maintenance such as cleaning or replacing the fan. The RAM is soldered in place and cannot be upgraded. First remove startup for linux-restricted-modules-common because it causes conflicts with the madwifi drivers. No such file or directory” -komputes For the There are no confirmed workarounds at this time.

asuss In the Eee however, these had to give way for the larger 8. Asus products Subnotebooks Products introduced in Trusted Reviews Asus has done a brilliant job of updating an already great product. The Eee PC Surf models include the mAh battery pack and no webcam, while the non-Surf models have the mAh battery pack and a webcam installed.


Asus Eee PC 900 Review

It’s not only light, it’s also lasts for a quite a while more than usually expected. The term is essentially understood to mean a pressure sensitive surface which can react to multiple inputs at once.

One work around is to have the remote person turn off their video. Some Eee PC lines such as the HE and s uses the island-style keyboardsimilar to keyboards used in Ppc computers and Sony ‘s VAIO series, where the keys are reminiscent of Scrabble tiles, being spaced apart and raised from the surface below. You can install the Skype client available here http: There has also been a change to the ere weight of the machines, with 0.

First you’ll need to remove and blacklist any existing madwifi drivers: The SSDs do gain points however in their super fast access times – as little as 0.