Mine wasn’t perfect either. I prefer something more customizable like the Award or Phoenix bios. And I did notice an increase in performance right away. Also wtf, why are whoppers so good?! I have my old Aptiva collecting dust is a closet.

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The main difference being these are removable fingers, they just slot in and out, cool.

Aptiva – C6V – How to properly connect video camera

Want to add to the discussion? Why must you people always get the neatest finds?

I was going to buy one of those and I am glad I did not. I always preferred Intel CPU. Board index All times are UTC. Show us your hauls and join the fun! I’m not very comfortable leaving my computer bezels outside because I have 3 kids which will probably destroy the merchandise. Check me out at Transcendental Airwaves on Youtube!

I also found an IBM slot 1 motherboard with a Pentium for this computer. That was fun, now for the rest of it. Motherboard is just as good, has 4 RAM sticks and another similar looking stick next to the heatsink. Here’s a nice IBM AptivaThe Aptiva is my favorite pc I ever had, think mine came out with windows 98, the thing lasted for years. Also wtf, why are whoppers so good?! Love the look of these IBM Aptiva cases. Backed up my DAQA 2. Computers in will simply be amazing!


Scrapping a PC – IBM Aptiva Y63 – Scrap Metal Forum

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No memes, image macros, or other forms of low effort karma farming. What type of haul is okay to post? So you don’t need to leave it under the sun for days.

Oh and speaking of ‘vintage pc gaming’ insanity, look at this Ad lib card. Love the look and the sliding faceplate.

Lot’s of gold plated pins will be inside the slots. Hauls should be photographed well and the main focus of the image, showing as much of the item as possible. Buying eWaste link here.

I have a board from an aptiva that I use in my win98 system.

What did you find today?

Intellistations are really cool and built well This site hosts no abandonware. They are cheap Radio Shack stuff. I have a few intellistaions. Good score this, that slot card is half the size of the motherboard, biggest one i’ve seen, the backplane board is good value too.


Forums Blogs Sign Up Here. Room for many slot cards but only one here, a big one. Even better, it boots from 217 so I don’t have to shuffle floppies!!