Ranjan Ar February 28, Otherwise, you might be concerned about how loud the pads are. Any clue from your side on what I could do to solve my issue? How to update the firmware is explained well here. The mood in here.

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Let me know if it does or doesn’t. I will let you know if I do, please do the same, so we can help eachother! J Sandeen February 28, Recognized as “edrum” in windows 7 devices, and there is no apparent driver issue. I recently got one and I love it. Also, the cymbals have no choke funtions like those of pricier kits have. How does this make you d6

My DM6 will not send any midi signal

If you hit a drum or pad, do you see MIDI information sub your computer screen? We did not find the solution. Hey Mark, Hm, strange.

Create a new topic About this Problem Something like the iO2.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Hello, the edrum is recognized in midi-ox, but nothing ever appears in the monitor input window Hey Bruce, Cool you like the kit! Most computers only have a mono ‘mic in’ jack, which is not good for stereo line level sources.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Playing them will feel much like playing a practice pad. I don’t mind waiting a little bit, I guess you have plenty of topics to take care of, but my english isn’t good enough to make a phonecall. Community-powered support for Alesis. If you want to record the audio from the module, you will need to record the master outputs from the DM6.

How do I connect DM6 to PC?

As for the second problem, this advic e might help. If I hooked it up to my toshiba laptop which I rm6 cakewalk software, would I be able to record from that? I recommend contacting them if you need help “now”. How long does it take them usually to answer? Yes, you do need some kind of sound output device that you plug into the output on the back of the module.

Kickstart Your Drumming is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. The cowbell thing is driving me crazy And xlesis you also tell me how to install other kits on my d6m Thanks. Chris D Employee June 02, Can you please shed some light on this and tell me what cables I should buy.


J Sandeen December 26, Chris D Employee Midii 05, It can be either heaphones see my favorite ones here or amp my favorites there. Let me know if anything else gets in your way. Contact Alesis tech support by logging onto www.

Hey Mark, Thank you — and sorry for the delay in answering!