I’ve never heard of the , I just got back to golfing after a 4 or 5 year hiatus. ClubTest Cobra Baffler. Pinemeadow Excel Strong Hybrid with Headcover. Wilson Profile Complete 6-Piece Package. Agree with steven — you guys always do a thorough and straight review. Anyone with a fast transition needs a heavier shaft and probably a stiffer butt profile. I suppose this one is born from simple logic.

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Posted 16 January – Agree with steven — you guys always do a thorough and straight review. The Best Year for Drivers Ever?

Official World Golf Rankings

In the interest of including just a little something from Adamshere are the bullet points that cover the stuff Adams thinks you should know about the Speedline Tech Driver:. From the top, the metallic black paint job looks classic. Admitting that this is a relatively small sample size, the suggestion is that the driver might be more suitable to players with generally slower and less aggressive swings.

Check out what’s on sale xl the PGA Shop. This is one of the rare cases where our testers gave us a varied and abundant amount of feedback.


Adams Speedline Tech Driver – Review

Formosa Golf Cart Enclosure. LongBaller 6 years ago.

One of my buddies games it, he loves it for the same reasons you mentioned. Could you elaborate more on the most guys prefering the feel of a driver that is D2 or higher as a swing weight? Maybe now you have had a take over, you might want to consider selling your product here.

Hell Yes, it did. Callaway Diablo Octane Driver. Nike Xtreme Sport Golf Bag. I know the LS has a swingweight of D3 and a 45″ adjustable to Anyone with a fast transition needs a heavier shaft and probably a stiffer butt profile.

Swingyde Golf Swing Training. How does it compare to my current ul? That said, when our senior tester or any tester for that matter beats his personal best score by nearly 5 points, it tells us that there is some serious potential.

Plus I have won longest drive in my league with this club. I have seen and read the GolfWRX review on the club right before it was released. Use a box to improve your takeaway mechanics. They most likely are also going to need a stiff tip profile instead of a soft tip profile to keep the club from ballooning something that we same in the flex shaft article the tip profile looked adamms off and all flexes were ballooning.


Wilson Profile Mens Golf Set. Nike Cart Golf Bag.

Adams Speedline Tech Driver Editor Review GolfWRX – golf clubs set

What aredimensions ofClub Car Player. Caddytek Golf Push Cart. This, to me anyway, further supports the notion that the Speedline Techin its stock configuration anyway, is more suitable for slower swing speed players, speedlin at a minimum, guys with smooth, controlled transitions.

I know it’s totally childish, but I don’t want to buy gear from a company that puts their players in matching outfits at tournaments.

sspeedline My senior tester hit a couple as well, and the other guys were good for at least one each. Wilson Ultra Complete Package Right. Please log in to reply. Want to add to the discussion? You will be banned without warning for any homophobic or racist dialogue, inciting violence, or witch hunting behavior.