So I manually installed the three packages ndiswrapper common, utilities and ndisgtk. And it worked, almost. Since there are no wireless network cards listed I can not connect to the internet. S you may want to make sure that the acer stuff is configured correctly, as wicd should work fine with ndiswrapper. This is a fresh install of Ubuntu. I have tried ndiswrapper-method and fw-cutter.

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I’m working with a toshiba satellite XDVD and dynex card. I’ll give it a shot since I’m incredibly stubborn.

I tried the procedure described but it didnt work. I’ve been dinking around with a second computer, exactly the same set up as the dV I set up for my daughter, qspire apparently slightly later in HPs production cycle.

The wifi “light” is always on. If I don’t need greater speed than 1 mbps and I’m never further than approximately 5 meters from access point, should I just try that? I just added a few steps to help me clarify what I was doing. So I run the procedure again, and boot again, and run it again and so forth but the results are the same: Originally Acee by tgbrowning.


And the really disturbing part about my problem is that it sometimes does connect, sometimes it does not. Originally Posted by compwiz But sometimes it associates instantly, sometimes it won’t work even after 10 tries.

Notebook Acer Aspire 4250 Drivers Windows 7, 8

Haven’t seen anything like this in the previous pages, so it is probably a good thing you didn’t read through the entire thing: It looks like I need to tell it to use “eth1: Selecting BSS from priority group 0 Aug 3 If that makes any sense. Originally Posted by Tha-Fox. My only problem now is that I need to turn the Wlan switch off then on after every boot to connect. If you have any more questions I’m happy to answer them if I can: I’ll be trying to install this later on today.

If you haven’t already installing wicd should do thisremove wifi-radar. This is a fantastic thread. When I start my computer, it says its already connected to the wireless network broaccom my house. I took the whole family out for ice cream to celebrate. Hi, trying to get this Broadcom card to work, on a acer aspire with latest feisty and no joy. I compared my log with some other logs of people who you told had a good install.


Try a different network manager, perhaps. Originally Posted by feasible. Any help would be nice, Im attaching the log file. Hello, First, sorry I did not read all the messages of this thread.

Product support

That sounds sort of like what network-manager used to do to me. Cancelling scan request Aug 3 And my laptop does not have an external button. Then I installed the bcm drivers again.

I used this method to run my wi-fi card on my Compaq Presario v