I have uploaded them to my site in a. I also got a little scared off by the driver support problems I read about with the Aardvark. Looking at the price of the new sound cards, and knowing that the Aardvark was sounding great; I think the wise thing for now is to take vista off the new machine and load XP. If the compressor sucks, how can you get a compressor into the signal path if you don’t use a mixer? Not a bad deal at all!

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I finally got the Omni installed last night but I haven’t tried recording with it yet.

RME is also good. Really appreciate the help. It’s a dead card from a dead company.

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Thanks in advance, I want to make the smartest decision for sound, performance and price. Enter your search terms Submit search form. I need it only for vox and acoustic guitar, diect I don’t need heavy compression, just trying to tame peaks to boost my signal strength. They seem solid now. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?


Other than that, I’ve been very pleased with the card. Load Win XP and continue to use card?

I should buy a new sound card? The Omni Studio, by contrast, has inserts for external compressors Aardvark Direct Pro questions.

I also really like the quality of the preamps. I just bought a new PC of course with Vista and will be ordering Sonar 7 p.

Yes, two monitors would be the way to go. It sounds like you got a good deal.

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I’m running Sonar and Cool Edit Pro on a dual monitor aarddvark. If you want to get good value from what you already have, then loading XP on a new computer makes sense Pmac ToneZone Information spreads at the speed of light, while ignorance is instantaneous at all points in the known universe – Dmitry Orlov 3.

Their verb sounds like the inside of a submarine. Beware Aark customer service!!!!

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. I wouldn’t use the onboard effects for recording, only for monitoring.


Hi! Please give opinion about Aardvark Direct Pro 2496

I’ll keep my ears peeled to learn more obout the Dirrect. It’s a dead card from a dead company But it’s a good dead card.

I don’t know if the onboard effects even work with the most current drivers??? Its either this or hold out for another year and save up to buy a Delta plus a good mixer The time now is Plus I get the inserts for comps aardvarm. I like having the “zero” latency monitoring without taxing the host cpu.

I actually got the drivers to load and the PCI card has been recognized, but the sound card SW will not play. I hope I can get around to it in the next few days. View More Photo Galleries. Someone knows a way with Vista?