If these two issues are fixed the others work as well. I use the standard Windows mouse drivers in conjunction with MarkC’s patch which removes all desktop acceleration and as well as acceleration in most games unless it is permanently forced on. It seems like the game not allowing me to perform the functions more than a hardware issue. This will enable mouse use. I don’t know if it just started working all of a sudden, or if the mission was scripted to not allow me to use it yet.

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Logitech Roccat Keywodks Wireless unplug. Goodby Ubidoods and Ghosts they messed up! I do not know what’s going on with u Ubisoft A4tech keyworks office driver When deiver successfully installed, please restart your computer. So why was it that you delayed the game again, Ubisoft? MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.

Well, I’ve got my sync shot working now. It’s not all about them easy Dollahs Ubi: I discovered that once I unplugged my USB flight stick pretty sure it’s Logitech I could use the mouse to keywoks around and game played fine except the unusually long loading screens which occasionally didn’t load at all.

Hi I need the Cyborg R. Even if i remove the xbox controller, none of the movement keys work.


Mouse only works “menu” wise. No mouse movement or buttons work – no keyboard, except for a very few keys.

A4 Tech Mouse / Keyboard Drivers Download

Xbox controller does the same thing; can’t look around or move. I have a Genius Ergo wireless mouse. It pulses while the charge is in progress, and glows steadily when the batteries are full.

Cannot play this game because the keywlrks doesn’t work nor the wasd keys, the xbox function of look and walk don’t work either, I have a razor naga and a microsoft sidewider x4 keyborad, never in my live a port behave like this it the first time I cannot play at all. I have no other input devices attached. I’ve never had this problem with any of the other hundreds of games I’ve played on the PC over the years.

Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. I can hear the game but no detection of signal in my monitor. I have tried to tweak with compatibility modes, desktop composition but to no avail.

IE walking without aiming down sight. Plug a old usb cable to computer, and works the usb cable mouse, and m wireless.

A4Tech Keyboards — download drivers

This has to be the worse PC game I have ever had the chance to attempt to play. I did not spend all this money, to not be able to play the game.


Every time I tried to play it asks me to re-enter my player name. Office Shuttle Software Shuttle-key: UBI you seem to forget that without the PC’s you wouldn’t be around. The issue of movement needs to be resolved NOW, before any other change tweak or issue is addressed. No drivers except what was installed from Win8.

Well q4 can I say. In the original “local” folder there is a subfolder titled “Ubisoft Game Launcher” copy that folder and its files to wherever you placed the other folder.

A4 Tech KBS-835RP wireless mouse and keyboard, and RFW-33 wireless mouse

The fact that very few posts even talk about a problem is just ridiculous. Way to realse a game lol my 11 yr old could of done better. I can fix the issue on the main menu by changing the resolution to a lower one then back to x but it’s not possible in the game due to the lack of any Graphics Options from the pause menu.

Nostromo Razer is working to