Hi D, Thanks for your great work. Is it the screen or something else? I changed the ram and it keep repeating same thing. Maybe this stopped the fan from working? Is it nececery to do all these steps to just clean the fan, or can I go near him in a simpler way?

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This is a very common laptop problem. Any answer is highly appreciated.

How to disassemble HP Compaq s s – Inside my laptop

Thought maybe it was damaged and needed replacing. Well, since there are no modem drivers listed, I did a seach on the internet for s modem driver and found several postings about modeem problem. And then it stays orange. Hello guys I need your help.

HP Compaq 6735s Modem WiFi Wireless Cover 6070B0211401

PPS Are there ways to adjust how often the fan comes on? However, it is possible that the use of a glare panel, which is the alternative display offered by HP, would improve the display’s performance in the above-mentioned aspects.

Hello, Temperatures were too high and led to frequent crash dumps. How do i get the webcam to work on my s laptop? This amount is mpdem to change moddm you make payment. Take a look at the step 3. Hi D, Thanks for mkdem great work. Good luck and ty.


Okay, IML Mofem please help me. Fantastic guide, used it to swap out a fried mobo, replacement mobo bios needs administrator password so I can flash bios to F0E, I know the password cannot be cleared by cmos RTC battery, Any help would be truly appreciated HP support suggest a new mobo from them, but that sort of defeats the object.

Can you upgrade the CPU to a more powerful one? Unsnap two antenna cables from the wireless card. In the cheap, beginner category, the manufacturers have to make many compromises.

Mark, You can find a replacement motherboard for your HP laptop on eBay. The cable jammed between the base and locking tab.

Shame the fan is the last thing you can possibly get to in the case. Can you give a better resolution of the http: Connect the external monitor and test the laptop again.

Also, he told me he had problems getting the battery to charge and an eror message about the battert came moodem.


I think HP should cover at least part of the cost. I have model no GWAV from about I came to the step Sure you can do that. Audio drivers I use at this point: Ive found fans for model but not the s model Regards, Richard. The scrollbars along the right margin of the laptop have a great feel to them and can be used easily.

How can i find the fan on say ebay or know which replacement to buy from the shops. I have a HP s laptop. One look at the mmodem adapter reveals that the 65 W has been specified as the power usage. Maybe that is the reason why HP made sure that the bottom of the laptop had enough air flow to run the cooling system at optimal levels.