Purchasing a good 2D video card can be a pain, often it can be as big of a decision as purchasing a new motherboard. The showed absolutely no problems what-so-ever with this type of an installation, however for testing purposes the hard drive was given a clean format and the Trident drivers were installed from scratch without the presence of any previous drivers. I still cannot find any products implementing them despite announced contracts. Looks like is broken inside and users are left with crude approximations. In the middle of the nineties Trident Microsystems was very well known maker of 2d accelerators. Lightmapping on 3DImage is a disastrous display of texture Z-fighting.

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Yes x Video Playback: Turning it off sacrifices sky, but at least lightning is fixed, still many artifacts remains though. It entered the market in springrather late compared with announcements. Now under the wing of networking giant 3Com, U.

Take a look at those point sampled texels, drawing a straight line is a tough job for this texturing engine. Performance wise, the Trident does its job, nothing more, nothing less, you get much more than you pay for with this card, however don’t expect it to turn heads as you benchmark the board against the competition. Last driver I found is version compatible 3di,age DirectX6 and it does not offer any fancy control panels. Normally it would be disqualified from any comparison, but I am attracted to failures and went exactly after such experience with this project.

Trident 3d Image 9750 (td3d975agp) 4mb Vintage Retro VGA AGP Graphics Video Card

Recently you may have noticed a newcomer to the AGP video card market, more specifically, the economically priced Trident PCI video card, what are you to do?


Given how slow it runs I think it is safe to include the result. Of course there are the Matrox Millenniums and the Tseng Labs cards out there The Trident is targeted at a user who is looking for a decent 2D AGP card, for a more than decent price.

There are only a few total 950 in Direct3d. Those are clocked at 55 MHz and have no overclocking headroom at all. I don’t know any. Click here to find lowest prices on this product.

I still cannot find any products implementing them despite announced contracts.

Only bit Z and image buffers are supported. Expendable crashes to desktop, Ultimate Race Pro is excluded because of too much corruption, Warbirds result is missing because renders only cockpit.

Sales of 2D discrete products were still rising rapidly. But it took fourth attempt to enter the more promising 3D market- the infamous 3DImage If this is indication what earlier 3d designs of Trident were doing, then it is clear why they did not make it to the market.

Trident 3dImage review

In LOL2 you can just escape to menu and then get back in the game to see bilinear filter enabled. Yes x Make a few turns and gives up on filtering again.

Trident supports bilinear and half speed trilinear texture filter, but it works only when it feels like it and causes heavier artifacts. It was a complete solution ready for Direct3D with perspective-correct texture mapping and filtering. One of the major problems with Trident’s older PCI video cards was that the driver support was horrible, and although the support hasn’t really increased for theyou can rest assured that the bundled drivers work perfectly with Windows 95, and they don’t seem to have any problems with Windows Reaching performance no-where near that of the Millennium II or Riva cards, the Trident is probably best fit as a cheap solution to use with a 3D-only accelerator, such as the Voodoo2.


In blending stages substractive operation is missing, taking down further image quality.

Trident 9750 2D AGP Accelerator

The is a very well designed card, approaching it from an engineering point of view. With all AGP cards you need to apply a bit more pressure to the card to get it into the slot completely, not to say that you must jam the card in the slot, it just takes a bit more energy than installing a PCI card.

Such potent triangle setup engine should have been main differentiator of 3DImage in the entry level market. The first warning sign is 3diimage color precision of Gouraud shading without option of dithering. But Trident was on a roll and next quarter reveaed yet another 3d enabled cores- ProVidia for PC and power-gated Cyber for notebooks.

Trident may have the answer.