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10 most expensive meals

They say, hunger is the most sincere sense. Actually, when we are hungry, we can eat anything! But now it will be very difficult dishes… so, today we present you ten of the most expensive and exquisite dishes worldwide.

1. Sultan’s Golden Cake (Istanbul, Turkey)

Price: $1000

Residents love the Turkey all Golden and shiny. Some luxury hotels can offer you “precious” dessert in the literal sense of the word. But if you want to enjoy a sweet dessert, Sultan’s Golden Cake, you need to inform the chef about it beforehand. Sultan’s Golden Cake is a delicious treat, consisting of apricots, quince and figs that are soaked in Jamaican rum for refined. Cake covered with a thin layer of 24 carat gold that you can eat. The dessert was presented very nicely in the trunk, made of silver. You can take along with you!

2. FleurBurger (Las Vegas, USA)

Price: $5000

A chef from France Hubert Keller has managed to establish itself worldwide. He is the owner of several restaurants. One of them is preparing a large hamburger that costs five thousand green. “Why is it so expensive?!”? – you may ask. It’s all in the ingredients. The Burger has Kobe beef, foie Gras and truffle sauce. For this Burger always served a bottle of good wine Château Pétrus. Wine is also served exclusive glass– you can take away as a memory.

3. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence (Galle, Sri Lanka)

Price: $14500

It is difficult to imagine that in this tiny state, you can find the world’s most expensive dessert. Because people in this place live very simply and modestly… But despite this, in the luxury hotel “The Fortress” you can taste unusual and expensive delicacy with a slight taste of liquor. Also in the composition of sponge cake includes mango, pomegranate and Sabayon. Cake is prepared on the basis of expensive champagne. Decorated with a dainty hand-made chocolate figurine of a fisherman. An important decorative element of the dessert is aquamarine in eighty carats.

4. Wagyu Meat Pie (Lancashire, UK)

Price: ₤8000

Wagyu beef is the most expensive type of meat. This meat has a distinctive taste. Say, to marble the meat turned out tender, diligent farmers fed their oxen, watered their expensive Beers and even call them massage. Wagyu Meat Pie is a pie made of beef. It is served along with wine, Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

5. Golden Opulence Sundae (NY, USA)

Price: $1000

If you want to taste the “fast food” of the highest class, you need to visit the legendary cafe in the Upper East side. You can indulge in delicious hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches. Also in this place there is an incredibly delicious dessert called Golden Opulence Sundae. He is made from creamy ice cream with Tahitian vanilla beans. Dessert is served with a beautiful Golden leaf that covered the most expensive chocolate in the world Amedei Porceleana. With dessert served with fruits, marzipan cherries and caviar.

6. Sushi Del Oriente (Manila, Philippines)

Price: $2034

Usually sushi is wrapped in various types of algae. Filipino cook decided to depart from the stereotypes he’s preparing in his school nigiri sushi, wrapping them in a thin plate of gold. And that’s not all! He decorates his sushi with real diamonds. Diamonds for culinary delights are difficult African. Most of these nigiri sushi order bridegrooms are going to offer the hand and heart of his beloved.

7. Louis XIII Pizza (Naples, Italy)

Price: €8300

Pizza is a well-known and familiar dishes. Refined it is not exactly call! But here’s a chef from Italy Renato viola decided to “break” all the stereotypes and frozen pizza unique recipe. The kind of pizza you can safely cook at Royal receptions. Only one filling is worth something! It has shrimp, and lobster meat, and expensive caviar, and cheese, which is made with special milk. When cooking pizza the chef uses expensive cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII.

8. Samundari Khazana (London, UK)

Price: £2000

In one of the expensive Italian restaurants served a tasty dish of Indian cuisine Bombay Brasserie. This culinary speciality cooked with valuable seafood. Enjoying this dish, you can feel the taste of Devonshire crab, snails and lobster. Together with this delicious dish is served with truffle Beluga caviar.

9. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata (new York, USA)

Price: $1000

The restaurant luxury hotel new York you can always enjoy the most delicious and unusual omelet. It actually can be called a masterpiece! It is not difficult to guess that the ingredients for this dish use a special. Lobster meat, delicate cream, sevruga caviar, chives… If financial possibilities do not allow you to try this omelette, you can choose the simpler option – there will be less of sevruga caviar.

10. Macaroons Haute Couture (Paris, France)

Price: from £ 5750 per pound

Sweet French pastry chef Pierre hermé have a high reputation all over the world. They are served in the most expensive restaurants. Unfortunately, not everyone can taste the delicious culinary delights of the chefs, as they are very expensive. Macaroons Haute Couture is incredibly tender and delicious cake that is prepared with peanut-butter, caramel and exotic fruits.

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