The most expensive dishes in the world: diamond caviar, Kobe beef and other
Elite restaurants like to impress your visitors, with as high art chefs and high prices, which sometimes can any person throw into a state of tetanus. Where such pictures come…

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The most expensive dishes in the world: diamond caviar, Kobe beef and other
Elite restaurants like to impress your visitors, with as high art chefs and high prices, which sometimes can any person throw into a state of tetanus. Where such pictures come…

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The most expensive foods and dishes

The most expensive foods in the world, taste and method of obtaining or preparation which recedes into the background before the fact that tasting them, you touch the dream. What are these products?

Let’s start with what nature gives us.

Puffer fish – the most expensive dish of Japanese cuisine and the most dangerous. If nerve poison fish, from which there is no antidote, you will fall into the body more acceptable, the eater will die.

More expensive, but less dangerous diamond caviar belugas-albinos 18 costs about 500 euros per kilo of the delicacy. Caviar is a beautiful Golden brown, these fish spawn about once in a hundred years, diamond and caviar is packaged in jars made of gold. So you can buy all the usual fish or meat wholesale. red and black caviar, but this caviar has already sold out four years ahead.

Besides fish from under the water is extracted and the rarest in the world and the most expensive sea salt. It costs $ 40 a pound. Ancient salt seas “Ambito But Mosio” are produced in Japan. The extraction method and the digestion of this salt is very complex and sensitive, thus it is useful for the body.

Potatoes grown in the fertilizer of seaweed, too, is about 500 euros per kilo. Sea potatoes from France, from the island of Noirmoutier, La bonnotte, as it is called peasants, obladatelnica taste of sea with a faint lemon scent.

North-Italian white truffle – a classic, delicious gifts of nature, is rapidly disappearing from the planet. The cost of these mushrooms that are sold only at auctions, grows to 4 000 euros per kilo.

But not only rare products can be costly. And ready-made meals have become legends because of their fabulous prices. Of course, some prefer home-made sausage, in bulk which can be found in any store. But for those who love the delights will be interested to know that one of the rarest dishes on earth – Chinese soup from swallow’s nests. The recipe for this soup for over 400 years, and every year the price of soup increases. Today the price portion of up to 10, 000 dollars. Simple and familiar to every Russian dumplings can cost $ 2,400 for eight pieces. These include veal, elk, pork and iron deep fish-torch, through which the dumplings blue-green color.

Even affordable pizza can be is not cheap. Italian chef Renato viola offers to try the pizza called “Luis XIII” for 8,300 euros. In the eyes of the client will construct a pizza comprising a base for dough, mozzarella, three kinds of caviar, red lobsters, lobsters and shrimps, seasoned elite pink salt “Murray River” from Australia.

The restaurant at new York hotel “Le Parker Meridien” for 1,000 dollars you can order an omelet, which besides eggs includes whole lobster, scrambled eggs served on a bed of fried potatoes, and ten ounces of sevruga caviar laid out on the scrambled eggs as decoration.

The world’s most expensive salad “Florette Sea & Earth” serving in Oxford, the hotel’s restaurant “Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons”. The price of lettuce 635 pounds per serving. It consists of 50 grams of a specially selected white Beluga caviar, Cornish crab, lobster, crawfish, Florenskogo young lettuce, grated truffles, asparagus, potato, red pepper and drops of olive oil.

Desserts chocolate and knowingly equate to drugs in their effect. And even the most expensive desserts in the world, and a fortiori may lead you to a sense of euphoria. The restaurant “Serendipity 3” in Manhattan the chef has created a vanilla ice cream that is sprinkled with twenty-three carat edible gold.

One of the most expensive desserts in the world dessert called “the Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence”, created by the pastry chefs of the restaurant “Wine3” at the hotel “The Fortress” in Sri Lanka.

Even more expensive dessert prepared Nobu Icarus. Platinum cake is estimated at 130,000 dollars. This price is the result of the many decorations used in the cake: products of edible platinum.

Of course, speaking about expensive products, we can not say about alcoholic beverages, which can be collectibles, money, serious hunting. To sell the most expensive alcoholic drink in the world – bartender enough to change the olive in the glass on the diamond, the size of 1.6 carats. A glass of this cocktail “Diamonds-Are-Forever” at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo is 11 000 euros.

The most expensive champagne called “Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Blanc de Blanc”. It is manufactured from special varieties of grapes. It grows in two small patches of vineyard in the village of Cotes des Blancs. Only in the best harvest years, the price of the 0.75-litre bottle of this champagne is approximately € 1,000.

The world’s most expensive hard liquor – vodka “Diva” from Scotland. It is filtered through charcoal Northern birch, then through crumbs of precious stones, mainly diamonds.

But not only alcohol became a subject of special attachments. Soft drinks can be very expensive. One of the leading positions among these drinks keeps the coffee variety Kopi Luwak, which is produced on the island of Sumatra in an unusual way. Asian palm flowers eat the fruits, and the Indonesians are collecting their waste products, they do one whole coffee beans, clean, roast and sell for $ 300-400 per kilo.

Everyone knows the price of ham in the shop, but can cost as much as a bottle of clean sea water “Kona Nigari”, which is raised from the bottom of the ocean depths close to the Hawaiian coast, many will find it difficult even to assume. She stands 33.5 dollars, and a five-liter bottle is 2 000.

Tea connoisseurs suggest the most expensive beverage in the world – Imperial tea worth over one hundred dollars for 50 grams. Tea leaves are “Yellow Gold Tea Buds” cut with Golden shears once a year on one of the mountains of Singapore, and then in a special way mixed with minute particles of gold.

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