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The most – delicious – city of the world – Life

The most delicious city of Paris

The views of the 10,000 respondents from 20 countries, conducted by the GfK group and the British scientist Simon Anjolina, were analyzed by the log “Forbers,” after which the rating: “the Most delicious food” and a list of the ten most “delicious” city in the world. First place was taken by Paris and the most delicious French dishes were found onion soups, omelets with ham, mushrooms, herbs, cheese, beefsteak with fried potatoes, lamb, wine and confectionery.

Among the latter highlights orange macaroons, a yeast cake soaked in orange-flower syrup, a delicate soufflé from Pierre Marcolini, dark chocolate with nuts and chocolate candy with nut filling.

Rating delicious cities: 2-4 persons

In second place is Rome . with their signature pizzas, spaghetti and various pastas (the most famous of them of garlic and butter – “AO e ojo”), the broth with the addition of raw eggs, Parmesan and parsley (“Straciatella”), a favorite Italian bean soup, young lamb and his insides, toasted pine seeds and add dark chocolate or white wine and seasonings.

Third place respondents gave Tokyo and traditional Japanese cuisine: rice and seafood with the addition of soy sauce. Known and loved in Tokyo sachlichkeit of moreproduktov (“kushi-age”), fish fillet with tofu and, of course, sushi.

Fourth place was Mexico city with a spicy traditional Mexican dishes and hot chocolate. A fiery sauce of Chile and tomatoes – the real heroes of Mexican cuisine. Popular here and corn, from which cooked tortillas with toppings.

Mexico city offers a wide range of meat dishes as goulash and fried ribbons of beef with beans, cheese sauce and fried pork skins (“Cicerone”), the pieces of pork on a spit, duck dishes, and chicken. Here you can sample the swordfish with garlic sauce, taste the soup “Sopa de mariscos” seafood, lobster with avocado. Original and unique Mexican salads – their composition is peeled and chopped into small pieces the cactus.

Rating delicious of cities: places 5-7

Fifth place behind Barcelona . with its paella (a rice and lots of seafood), bread with tomato, appetizer “Tapas” (olives, fish, bread, nuts, crisps, pieces of meat), local sherry and champagne, vegetarian meals from beans, beans and beets, grilled salmon and mussels in white wine.

Sixth place was given to Madrid . and the most delicious and popular dishes here recognized as a traditional thick stew, served in pots, garlic soup, potato gratin, grilled fish. A special place among the delicacies of Madrid is toast, scones with cream and waffle rolls.

Seventh place – Hong Kong . combining all of the main culinary schools of China. Rice, soy sauce, fish and seafood, dozens of types of noodles, bread, dumplings, biscuits, use of the batter when cooking – here is the list of prepared dishes. Special attention is paid to the Hong Kong vegetables: favor young bamboo sprouts, cabbage, the Welsh onion, tomatoes, green beans and peppers.

Rating delicious cities: 8-10 place

Eighth place – Beijing . The most famous dish – Peking duck, the cooking process is similar to a complex ritual. I must give credit to the witty title of the second most popular dish – “Beggar chicken”. A bird stuffed with cabbage, onions, herbs and mushrooms, wrapped in Lotus leaves, then coated with clay, and in this condition baked in a furnace. It is worth mentioning here popular thin crispy pancakes.

Ninth place is occupied by Milan . Of the main dishes here, in honor of the classic risotto (a kind of pilaf), meat soup with saffron, “Casuela” – pig’s feet, ribs, tails, ears with cabbage and other vegetables, “salame di Milano” – minced pork or beef. The famous Mascarpone cheese gives a unique taste and aroma Milan desserts.

Closes the top ten most delicious cities in Shanghai . The highlight of the Shanghai food is fresh and sometimes even uncleaned fish, and it is often added not only the sauce, but the chunks of unrefined sugar. “Fresh crab”, “fibrous crab” and “crab ROE” is considered a local culinary masterpieces. Popular as “drunken crab” marinated in an alcoholic sauce of crab ROE.

Drunken shrimp

Still in great demand “drunken shrimp”, which are pickled and eaten (many will shudder) still alive. Signature Shanghai dumplings and the fried dumplings (all the familiar names and dishes) prepared right here on the street.

In each capital the most delicious food reflecting the traditional preferences of the local population and preparing their special recipes, and why it turns out the most delicious in the world.

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