Snacks of boiled beef tongue: delicious, simple, quick
All the same, anyway, and beef tongue is a real delicacy if it is prepared well, it turns out well, just your tongue! In this collection of the best recipes…

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TOP 10 most exotic desserts in the world - try? Famous and rare of the peoples of the world cuisine – gourmet recipes collected from everywhere
Our world is very interesting, so opening up new country, take the time to enjoy the familiar desserts, because you get a unique opportunity to try unusual sweets ! Ice…

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Simple salads and recipes
Not one meal is not complete without fresh salads. With a minimum of ingredients, to prepare a fresh salad is very simple. Usually to quickly prepare a fresh salad using…

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The most expensive dishes in the world: diamond caviar, Kobe beef and other

Elite restaurants like to impress your visitors, with as high art chefs and high prices, which sometimes can any person throw into a state of tetanus. Where such pictures come from? First, the more refined the dish, the more difficult the process of its preparation, and, secondly, there is a very rare foods and spices – hence the special pricing.

For example, the most expensive on earth recognized as macadamia nut – in the distant past, the staple food of Australian aborigines. Since in the wild it almost never occurs, but a forty-meter trees can bear fruit for over a hundred years, cultivated on plantations in Brazil, South Africa, Hawaii, and in Australia itself, too. The nut is not so difficult to grow, how to clean. Kilogram of purified macadamia is sold at a price of one hundred dollars, crude is cheaper – from thirty dollars per kilo.

And the most expensive dumplings in the world are sold in the restaurant for Russian immigrants in the Bronx. It’s called the Golden Gates. In the composition of meat includes pork, beef and elk meat, and entrails of fish-the torch live in the depths of the Atlantic. If in the dining room, dim lighting, normal-looking dumplings begin to emit a blue-selenoenzyme. They are absolutely harmless to health and extremely tasty. Despite the fact that the portion of the eight dumplings is $ 2,400, the restaurant is regularly visited by tourists from all over the world to taste the unusual dish.

Cold appetizers

World records expensive among the salads, stoned, perhaps, Florette Sea&Earth, which is served in the restaurant of the Oxford hotel, Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons. It consists of lobster, Cornish crab, lobster, as well as the world’s most expensive diamond caviar – a special grade of Beluga caviar light shade. It costs about fifty thousand dollars per kilogram. The Creator of salad Florette Sea&Earth Raymond Le Blanc on the mood can add Florenskogo young greens salad, olive oil, truffles, red pepper, asparagus and potatoes. In the restaurant menu it is reported that over two hundred-gram serving dishes to pay £ 635.

And the most expensive sandwich awarded the honorary status of “platinum club sandwich von Essen”. It can be enjoyed by the clients of the hotel network “von Essen.” The bread for the sandwich is cooked on a special ferment, and then cut thin plates, between which the layers are stacked quail eggs, white truffles, dried Italian tomatoes, Iberian ham and Bresse fowl. The price of pleasure – a hundred pounds or two hundred dollars.

Meat, potatoes, spices

There’s no food more prosaic than the usual boiled potatoes: it’s in the understanding of the majority of people belongs to the category of “cheap and cheerful”. However, this principle does not always work. So, for example, per kilogram of potato varieties La Bonnotte, grown on a tiny island Normate, you will have to pay not less than five hundred euros. According to legend, this variety was first raised by the Supreme God of the Incas, and still, planting and harvesting are made entirely by hand.

Most expensive grade of meat is considered to be marbled beef – for her on Australian farms bred Japanese cows breed Wagyu. Farmers think for the sake of improving product quality cows drink red wine. Interestingly, among the ancient Japanese was taken to watering the animals beer and RUB vodka sake. In European restaurants and convenient grocery stores marbled beef comes at a cost of from five hundred to a thousand dollars per kilogram.

And the most expensive spice saffron was. It consists of the stamens of plants of the family krokusowa. They are collected manually and then dried in a very delicate conditions. They say that to get two hundred grams of saffron ready to grow a whole field of flowers, the size of a football. A kilogram of saffron is not sold for less than six thousand dollars.

In a new York restaurant “Serendipity 3” serving the world’s most expensive dessert – ice cream made with the addition of twenty-five varieties of cocoa, top with whipped cream and a so-called “edible gold”. It is spread in crystal glasses, each decorated along the edges with gold edging. There are super expensive ice cream relies of diamond spoons. Dessert must be ordered in advance – at least one day before the planned trip to the restaurant. To pay for your order will have twenty-five thousand dollars.

A pound of Chocopologie by Knipschildt chocolate produced in the USA, is two thousand six hundred dollars. This dark chocolate also is the most expensive in the world.

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