Ideas low-calorie dishes for Easter
I understand that to make really delicious pastries without the usual ingredients quite difficult. But everything is possible! There are a few tips that will help you to reduce the…

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Macadamia nuts, Saffron, caviar, diamond, La bonnotte, White truffle, luwak coffe, Yellow Gold Tea Buds, meat marble, Golden cream, Ocean water
Macadamia is the most expensive nut in the world The birthplace of the macadamia — Australia. Here these nuts are considered sacred because they help with migraines, diseases of bones…

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Vitamin salad.
Vitamin salads. Recipes and how to cook vitamin salad: salads with cabbage and sea cabbage In summer-autumn season we tend to stock up on vitamins . to cold the body…

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Christmas salads – simple and delicious

Salads for the New year should be bright and delicious, because this day we want to try something new and unusual. We offer you the following collection of recipes.

New salads of the year

Cake-salad “Admiral”.


a bunch of radishes

boiled egg – 2 pieces

mayonnaise — sour cream – half Cup

white onion

boiled carrots

sour Apple – 2 pieces

boiled potatoes – 2 pieces



1. Peeled eggs, apples and boiled vegetables RUB on a grater (yolk separately from protein).

2. Onion small chop.

3. Prepared products put layers in a salad bowl (potato, onion, salt, sour cream, diced radish, mayonnaise)

A simple but delicious Christmas salad “Evening Blues”


chicken fillet – 2 pieces

a small jar of canned pineapple

salt and pepper

peeled walnuts

mayonnaise – 155 g

medium onion – 2 pieces

boiled egg – 4 pieces.


1. Onion peel, cut into thin quarters, pour boiling water for 10 minutes.

2. Bow Ambrosiana a colander, lightly Pat dry.

3. Rings of pineapple and chicken fillet cut into small cubes.

4. Whites with the yolks and grate separately.

5. Salad put in a square of layers: chicken fillet (salt and pepper), slices of pineapple, whites (salt and pepper), egg yolks.

6. The top of the salad grease mayonnaise, sprinkle with chopped nuts.

7. In Boca products push the pineapple slices.

8. From the second bulb, cut flower, garnish the dish.

Tasty and easy Christmas salads Christmas “Taste of life”


feta – 120 g

Bulgarian pepper – 1 piece

boiled egg – 4 pieces

a bunch of leaves of salad

a bunch of parsley


For the sauce:

clove of garlic – 2 pieces

olive oil – teaspoon

salt and pepper

sour cream, mayonnaise – two tablespoons.


1. Apple with sweet pepper wash, peel.

2. Pepper cut into strips, cheese cubes, Apple slices.

3. Lettuce tear by hand, the parsley – chop.

4. Prepared products put in a salad bowl, gently stir.

5. On top of the salad, lay the sliced boiled eggs.

6. Prepare the sauce: combine mayonnaise with sour cream, add the chopped garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

7. Salt and pepper according to your taste, stir.

8. Salad pour prepared sauce, bring to the table.

Layered salad with ham on New year’s day. Recipe

Each family, loving to cook, there are some recipes for layered salads. I propose to fill this list with one gentle new year salad made with potatoes, cucumbers, eggs, ham and olives.

Through the use of ham and mayonnaise salad turns out high-calorie, which means that hearty and nutritious. Special freshness and juiciness will add for salad fresh cucumbers and onions. By the way, if possible, it is best to use green onion.

I’m sure that this salad will especially appeal to men, and perfect spirits. If on the eve of boil the potatoes and eggs, it is possible to prepare layered salad with ham on New year’s you can in just a few minutes.

Cooking time – 20 minutes.

For the recipe you will need:

Potatoes – 2 PCs.

cucumber – 2 PCs.

Egg – 2 PCs.

Small onion – 2 PCs.

Ham – 100 gr.

Olives – 100 gr.

Mayonnaise or low-fat sour cream – 200 gr.

Layered salad with ham – recipe

First wash them under running water, boil the cleaned and peeled potatoes and eggs.

Then grate them on a coarse grater and put in a bowl – this will be our first layer.

The ingredients in the bowl thoroughly lubricated with mayonnaise.

If you want to dish it easier to assimilate and less caloric, instead of mayonnaise you can use low-fat sour cream.

Onions cut into very tiny slices into small half-rings and is formed into the same bowl as the second layer.

Ham cut into thin strips, and cut cucumber into small squares.

Thus, as the third layer lay in our deep bowl pink ham, and as the fourth – bright green cucumber.

These two layers again generously grease with mayonnaise or sour cream.

The final stage is just to cut each olive in half, and put them all around the edge of the dish.

Decorate a delicious layered salad can be a tiny bundle of greens at its center. That layered salad with ham on New year’s day ready in a matter of time!

In the centre of the Christmas table, he will definitely attract attention, and its taste will conquer all your relatives, friends and guests of the house, which after some time will definitely come to you for the recipe for this salad.

New recipes salads with seafood


frozen squid – 320 g

tomatoes – 220 g

canned corn – half-banks


red Apple

boiled chicken egg yolk – 2 pieces

cheese – 120 g

crab sticks – 255 g

a clove of garlic.


Carcass squid clean, boil for a minute in salted water, cool, chop sticks.

Half of crab sticks chop in large pieces.

Tomatoes pour over boiling water, remove skins, chop.

Garlic and cheese grate.

Prepared products connect, add the corn, season with mayonnaise, gently mix.

A mixture of seafood lay in a salad bowl, sprinkle with grated yolks, decorate crab sticks.

The remaining crab sticks decorate the treats.

Cut them so that you get triangular rays.



egg – 3 pieces

fresh tomato – 2 pieces


cheese – 120 g

ground pepper

the juice of half a lemon.


1. Onion peel, cut into small cubes. Pepper, salt to taste, drizzle with lemon juice.

2. Chicken cool, chop in small pieces.

3. Boil eggs, cool, grate on a small grater.

4. Cheese chop on a grater, too.

5. Tomatoes wash, dry, cut into small cubes, salt and pepper.

6. In a salad bowl put layers: chicken, onion, cheese with tomatoes. Each of the layers (except onions) spread with mayonnaise.

7. Before serving, soak the salad in the fridge.

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