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TOP 10 most exotic dishes of the world

In our rating You will read about the shark meat, grasshoppers and even the brain of the monkey.

In recent times gained great popularity a gastronomic tourism. And on that not only are foodies, to try unusual and exotic dishes. And restaurants, in turn, do everything possible to meet the needs of an insatiable longing for the exotic stomach. TSN.Tourism we offer you a list of 10 most exotic dishes that need to be resolved to try once in your life.


Shark meat is one of the favorite delicacies gourmets from around the world

Delicacy is shark fin soup. Fins can be bought in advance, sell them in purified and unpurified form. Meat of almost all kinds of sharks (over 300 species) are edible, but the most popular meat of the shark, which eats plankton. But the most delicious is the meat of a gray shark.

In China Scorpions steamed and served in a tortilla with sauce and vegetables. Thailand Scorpion and make shish kebabs served on sticks as snacks to drinks. It is now possible to buy canned Scorpions, which have undergone heat treatment.

Fugu – the most expensive and the most dangerous dish in Japan

To prepare the poisonous fish Mottola highly skilled fugu chef, who will expertly be able to remove the poisonous parts of the fish. Fugu is considered to slice thin slices, against the light which you can see the pattern on the plate.

Fish does not possess any specific taste, so opt for a puffer true gourmets and lovers to tickle nerves.

If you come to Mexico, be sure to try dried grasshoppers. Everywhere they cook and use dried, boiled, raw, roasted, soaked in lime juice. The most popular dish is the guacamole with grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are fried first, then mixed with mashed avocado and the resulting mixture was put on the tortiya.

Grasshoppers eat not only in Mexico but also in all countries where insects are eaten. So, they sell insects on the streets of East Asia, strung on small skewers, they are ready to sell in China, boiled in salted water, they are happy to eat in the middle East and in Uganda grasshoppers in soups.

Monkey brains

In closed restaurants in Hong Kong serves the brain of a living monkey. The dish is officially banned by the Chinese government, but because of the demand and exotic dishes, the demand always exceeds the risk of getting a fine for cruelty to animals.

Now the owners of large restaurants are trying to circumvent the law and come up with different variations of dishes that would fit under the framework of the law, however, the traditional method of eating the brains from the skull still alive monkey (animal pump pre-alcohol) continues to enjoy popularity.

Bamboo worms

Fried bamboo worms are a popular dish in Thailand, China, and Latin America. However, in Thailand, bamboo worms have become such a traditional dish, something to eat worms for lunch has become as commonplace as for us soup.

Although in truth, bamboo worms are larvae of grass moths that are born and live inside the bamboo. Today it is not necessary to cut the bamboo to produce larvae, bamboo worms are cultivated on farms.

The meat of crocodile known for its nutritional qualities

Enterprising Thais invented canned crocodile meat in curry sauce for export abroad. Recommends eating meat with Jasmine rice.

One of the main delicacies is Cambodia fried tarantula. A kind of poisonous tarantula, tarantula “a-ping” is considered a specialty of the town of Skuon, which is near Phnom Penh.

Before processing the poisonous tarantula legs cut, and only then begin to slowly roast over the fire, sprinkling liberally with salt. The dish is ready when the black chitinous shell acquires a red-brown color.

In Cambodia it is believed that the use tarantulas as food helps to get rid of back pain and helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Guinea pig

Cute pet in Peru is one of the main delicacies. Kui – the so-called Guinea pigs in Peru is unpretentious animals, which are bred by the dozens on the yard of the inhabitants of the ancient country of the Incas.

Every year in Peru because of the ease of cultivation and preparation (animal roasted on the fire after removing the skin lubricated and spices) eaten a few million Guinea pigs.

The second most popular insects, of which serves, are the ants (first occupied grasshoppers). Preparing meals with ants in Mexico, Colombia, Australia, South Africa.

The dish is so popular in Colombia that he even served in movie theaters instead of popcorn. Usually ants are caught in rainy days. At this time fills the ant hill, and the insects crawl out.

But the most delicious are “honey” ants that are found in Australia. They feed on the sweet nectar, so loved by the natives.

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