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Where in Krasnoyarsk to try exotic dishes? City guide, Food

In the life of our editorial staff comes a time when a Caesar salad, pizza Margherita and fruit smuzzi bored worse bitter radish. Sigh, we get out of our comfort zone and wander to catering in search of something hateful.


Our order: “Fish vegetarian gourmet” (160 rbl.), “the Ladd meats” (70 RUB.), coffee beverage “Health” of milk (60 rubles).

For the first portion of an undeniable exoticism, we went to the gathering place of the Krasnoyarsk vegetarians. Walls with you strictly look Einstein, Tesla, and van Damme, as if hinting that the true geniuses steak despise. We had been peaceful when waiting for the menu for more than 10 minutes at an empty room, when it was revealed that of the 13 varieties of tea on the menu, in reality there is only one, and the “need to clarify”. We even suffered when sweet brought us forward hot, because “it was prepared before”. And this long-awaited “Fish vegetarian gourmet” was a piece of cheese paneer in a sheet of nori seaweed, fried in batter. A very tiny piece (110 grams), the taste is not like any fish or cheese — something boring and plastic, without any seasonings. Sweets but we were surprised: the laddu (dessert made from chickpea flour and sweet spices — three scoops of different flavors) were fresh, spicy and flavorful — though premiums India.

T. G. I. Friday’s

Our order: “southwest Burger” (385 rubles) and tea “Earl grey” (60 rubles).

After nori and chickpeas we just have to organize yourself to an evening of boundless gluttony. Exotic, of course. The wording is unclear why Krasnoyarsk “T. G. I. Friday’s” your world forget about the concept of merriment and positive familiarity in school. Here all the decorum and noble even on Fridays, that’s fair. But the burgers on top! We chose the “South West” – because under the South-West did not mean the resorts of Krasnodar region and distant Mexico. The menu promised a Burger fresh Pico de Gallo (this is a mixture of finely chopped tomatoes, onions and chili), jalapeno pepper sauce, roasted peppers and guacamole. Sounded sharp, clear and very hot. Taste about the same. Great big Burger, hot bun and this brilliant Mexican toppings that I want somewhere to get yourself a sombrero, a guitar and tighten something like “AI-Yai-Yai-Yai! Cielito Lindo!”. If you close your eyes on the price in the menu, the editors are ready to put your hand on the book “I can not lose weight” and to swear that it was in “T. G. I. Friday’s” one of the tastiest burgers in the world.


Our order: soup (130 rubles), “Pancha Hoist” (310 rbl.), “Madhura” (150 rbl.).

In “Yoga bar” for a few years has created a cozy and peaceful atmosphere: there are trinkets from India, gold embroidered fabric, comfortable sofas with cushions is beauty. Now here is the updated menu is exotic novelties so many that at one sitting and does not overpower. “Pancha Hoist” was, for example, set meal of rice, Dali, stewed in Indian spices with vegetables and flatbread Puri. The editors and could not think that the vegetarian portions can be so huge, hearty and delicious unbearable. Dal, an Indian soup with green lentils, ginger and vegetables, only strengthen you in this opinion. Even the most hardened meat eaters in our newsroom, with downcast eyes, had to admit that with this menu, and vegetarians won’t have long to go. “Madhura”, a special soothing infusion of herbs, was also at the height — but in “Yoga bar” can always boast of its rich tea card, it can never be taken away.


Our order: beef salad with bamboo (339 rubles), drink ginger tea with lemon (249 rubles).

Of course, Thai food to the Krasnoyarsk citizen now perhaps less exotic than English: everyone fancies himself an expert at least in the pit. But bamboo is still something special. What we, in fact, knew about the bamboo until today? Evergreen plant used to make Wallpapers and which are very fond of pandas. Now we know that bamboo is used in salads in pan-Asian cuisine. The taste is like sweetened geranium, by the way. But everything in order. Everyone knows that Bangkok is a place for leisurely meetings. Nothing has changed, don’t worry: until the order to stop talking can be enough. Food quality is also stable: the portions are huge, meat and no one thinks to spare, all the ingredients are fresh. Salad — just five points. But over the increase in the volume of the kettle, the editors would have asked to think for two people capacity is clearly not enough.


Our order: a meze of Cretan snacks (240 rubles), “Kataifi” (150 RUB.), tea kettle black (150 rubles).

Actually, we expected from the restaurant the atmosphere of ancient Greece, but from the moment the guard relaxed reminded us where we actually are geographically, “Guys, where do you go?” Then we had seven minutes looking for the room administrator, waiter or at least someone who can show us a free table. However, the order brought quickly enough. Now to the exotic — a meze of Cretan snacks were three plates with different kinds of sauces. We evaluated zaziki — yogurt with cucumbers and greens, fresh and very tasty! But all faded in our memory, when we tried “Kataifi” is a divine dessert made from almonds, a special dough and pistachios. “Angel hair” – so called the dish otherwise. Angelic in this dish everything from beautiful feed up to an amazing summer holiday taste. The editorial Board was ready to forgive the school even Cerberus at the threshold — just one more time to try this Greek exotic.

Mama Roma

Our order: cream soup of lobster (460 rubles), thyme tea (120 rubles), Focaccia (130 RUB.)

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