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Admission exotic dishes

When we travel, we always want to discover exotic dishes. They always impress you with their variety and novelty. Currently there are many restaurants, which offer exotic cuisine, and for that you can not travel outside of their country. But everyone knows the rules of admission of exotic dishes?

Introduction of exotic dish is always experience. Not to overshadow these impressions, and to know how and what to eat, how to use the table tool, you need to possess a certain knowledge, which will tell our expert on business etiquette and Director of the company “Mary August” Tatyana koshechkina.

“In the etiquette there is such a thing as a difficult food. It’s not necessarily exotic dishes, unusual for your stomach. It is not the food that hard and long to prepare. Hard food is those dishes that can put a person in a ridiculous situation, if he or she does not know how this dish got it right. Or doesn’t have the proper skill to cope with this dish. This includes the most common dishes. For example, spaghetti. You should never order spaghetti if you want to look good at the table. And especially on a first date – spaghetti tops the list of dishes that we don’t recomending situations where it is necessary to make a good impression and/or to talk about important issues for you. You don’t want to spend the entire evening thinking only about whether you eat and whether those plugs are using”.

Not to be in an uncomfortable situation, you have to deny yourself the pleasure of eating exotic dishes. How to get out of this situation?

If you are not sure how this is correct, but you need to make your companions the best impression, it is better not to order. Will order in next time, when you come to a restaurant by yourself or with friends, ready to experiment and learn together with you. Nothing bad will happen if you deny yourself this pleasure. You’ll get much more pleasure from the fact that there were no missteps.

Not to do so, is there a General acceptance of exotic dishes?

General rules of admission to exotic dishes there. Very often they are served as snacks, but exotic can be a main dish, and dessert. And often the full lunch or dinner may consist of exotic dishes and drinks. Because exotics are not universal – what is exotic to one may be daily banality for another. And Vice versa. For example, brains in batter. The national dish in Austria. Totally unacceptable exotic for Americans. They can just get up and leave, nothing booked, if you see in the menu something like that. Therefore, in many Austrian restaurants specializing in national cuisine, there are two, often completely different version of the menu. Sterile (without chicken hearts, cow lungs, stomachs and brains) English menus, and exotic (and for the Austrians is the most common) version in German.

How to properly eat a lobster? (what Cutlery to use, etc.)

Here is an excerpt from our book “Hard food”. in which we detail exactly how to eat all those dishes that cause many difficulties.

Lobster is traditionally served in the shell, cut in half, cold or hot. The main part of the lobster is fairly easy to eat with knife and fork. The claws should be split in advance. If not, You will be served with tongs. In any case, it relies special lobster fork (skewer) that You could get meat from the claws. Crabs and crayfish eat the same

It is permissible to hold the shell by hand.

The slop basin for hands or a wet cloth is necessary.

How to eat frog legs?

From the same book: Frog legs eaten with the hands, previously having squeezed a lemon on the legs.

How to eat sandwiches with black caviar? Can hands?

Sandwiches can be eaten by hand – depends on the size of the sandwich and not too soft bread.

As there are olives and black olives, if they have underwire?

Preferably the bones do not swallow. They can spit on a fork (spoon), if olives are an integral part of a main dish, or in a Cam, if you are served olives as an appetizer without Cutlery.

But remember one universal rule is to always try to use the Cutlery You gave along with the dish. After all, the people around you, there may be other, not necessarily correct, ideas about what are good manners in relation to this or that dish. For example, the English aristocracy eat asparagus with your hands. And mocks those who ask for asparagus knife and fork is for the Americans.

So always try to observe others as they eat this dish, what devices you are served with this dish. If you brought a sandwich on a plate and put it near the knife and fork, it is best to use them. Especially, if so done by those whose opinion is important to you. Although I repeat – it is permissible to eat the sandwich by hand.

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Dinner for the millionaire
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