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Snacks of boiled beef tongue: delicious, simple, quick

All the same, anyway, and beef tongue is a real delicacy if it is prepared well, it turns out well, just your tongue! In this collection of the best recipes from simple snacks boiled tongue for celebration or just a tasty feast.

The most important task that you need to decide when you want to cook beef tongue delicious snack – it’s his right decoction. The more flavorful and tender you will get the language – the better the outcome will be cooked snack. About how to boil beef tongue, we have been told.

So, if the language of the recipes call for already cooked, with what spices you cook does not matter, the main thing that was tasty. If the appetizer recipe describes the cooking process language-specific product, it is best to do everything in accordance with these instructions, although adding the proper ingredients when cooking is unlikely to harm. In General, as always, all ultimately at the discretion of the cook. And we will talk about a few good recipes for tasty and easy appetizers from beef tongue.

Recipe snacks “Tongue with sour cream sauce”

You will need: 200g broth, sour cream and onion, 50g butter, 10 black pepper, 2 Bay leaves, 1-1,5 parsley root, 1 beef tongue, 1 tsp wheat flour, salt.

How to cook an appetizer of beef tongue in a cream sauce. Boil the tongue with spices and vegetables, then peel and thinly slice.In butter fry the onions until Browning, add the flour, fry, pour the remaining broth after cooking, put the sour cream, cook the sauce. Pour the slices of a tongue with the sauce, boil 5 min, cool and serve cold.

Appetizer recipe “Fragrant beef tongue”

You will need: 200 g of beef tongue, pickled cucumbers 100g, 20g black olives, 1 onion, 2 teaspoons white wine, ground ginger, cloves, cinnamon and star anise, 1 tsp soy sauce, parsley, salt.

How to cook an appetizer of flavorful language. Wash and fill the tongue with hot water, put all the spices, add the wine, sauce, add the onion and pepper, at low boil boil tongue until tender. Hot ready tongue dipped in cold water for 5 minutes to leave, then remove the skin. Slice the tongue into slices, allow to cool. Garnish when serving olives, pickles and garnish with greens.

The recipe snacks from the language under beer sauce

You will need: 10 buds cloves, 1 Cup beer, 1 stick cinnamon, 1 handful of dark raisins, 1 beef tongue, ¼ Cup brown sugar, 1.5 tbsp starch, 1 tbsp butter, salt.

How to cook an appetizer of beef tongue under beer sauce. Boil, cool the language. Mix in saucepan brown sugar with starch, beer, raisins and salt. Cloves and cinnamon wrapped in a cloth, put in a saucepan, bring mixture to a boil, 10min on low heat stirring boil. To get the bag of spices, put in a saucepan the butter, stir. Pour cold tongue hot sauce.

Recipe spicy snacks beef tongue with peanut sauce

You will need: beef/veal (boiled with vegetables, pepper, salt), walnuts, garlic, cilantro, natural yogurt, salt, sumac.

How to cook spicy appetizer of tongue with peanut sauce. Ready tongue dipped in cold water, peel, put on the dish. 160 C in a preheated oven to bake until the smell of walnut, clear, half crushed into a paste, half of not too large crumbs. Blend the garlic and coriander chop finely, combine these ingredients and ground nuts paste, yoghurt, salt. Flat grease dish cooked mass, to put on top of sliced tongue plastics, pour the remaining peanut sauce, sprinkle with sumac. Served cold, it is better to give the dish to infuse.

Appetizer recipe beef tongue with mushrooms

You will need: 100g of mushrooms, 1 beef tongue, 1-2 prunes, 1 tbsp. sour cream, onion, mayonnaise, walnuts, parsley.

How to cook appetizer with beef tongue, mushrooms. Boil the tongue with spices, put in cold water and clean. Butter-simmered onion, put the sliced mushrooms and fry, adding the sour cream. In a blender grind nuts and prunes. All the prepared foods, in addition to language, to combine, to mix. Thin slices cut the tongue, put the mixture to each plastic, decorate with greens and mayonnaise.

The recipe snacks from the language with Apple sauce

You will need: 1 beef tongue, 1 onion and carrot, parsley root, salt, sauce – 4-5 apples of sweet and sour, 1 lemon (zest), 1-2 tbsp red wine, sugar, salt.

How to cook a snack from the language in Apple sauce. Boil the tongue with parsley root, carrots and onions, adding some salt at the end of cooking, remove the skin under running cold water, thin cut, lightly pour the broth remaining after cooking. For the sauce, cut the apples into quarters, with a small amount of water seethe in a saucepan until soft, then through a sieve RUB, combine puree with the wine, grated lemon zest, sugar and salt, boil. Water the language of the sauce, garnish when serving vegetables and herbs.

There are still many recipes of appetizers from boiled beef tongue, we will tell about them in next collections. Today we met with the most simple but very tasty snacks from this product, which can easily make anyone, good luck!

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