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10 of the worst dishes in the world which are in great demand

It is known that Asian cuisine is rich in delicious dishes, delicacies, spices and flavors, but in some countries can offer is very strange, even creepy dishes that you are unlikely to ever dare to try. We present you a list of dishes to taste that probably only the person with a very strong stomach.

1. Seagull wine is the drink prepared by the Inuit (canadian Eskimos). The recipe for this strange beverage is: a dead gull is placed in a container with water and leave for several days in direct sunlight. Europeans who tasted this wine, said of his taste: “If you opened the carb “Toyota” and drank the remaining liquid, then would you introduce the taste of that horrible stuff”. But it has one advantage: it is intoxicating very quickly. But the hangover from it is terrible.

2. Tuntszyan . or the egg boy is a traditional dish in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. For cooking dishes that are considered “spring delicacy” chicken eggs are boiled in urine collected exclusively boys who have not reached the age of puberty. After boiling, the liquid eggs are removed from her and nadbivayut the shell so that the urine has penetrated into the egg. The cooking process takes a whole day, when boiling add urine. When the shell cracks,tuntszyan, salty taste, is considered ready to use.

3. Haukal — Icelandic national dish, consists of meat podtukhshaya polar Greenland or basking shark. Fresh meat polar shark is poisonous due to high content of ammonia, so fresh carcass, cut into pieces and put in special containers with gravel where it is and goes out over 5-8 weeks or more depending on the season. Then pretty rotten and get the meat, hanging on special hooks, leave to ripen in the fresh air for another 2-4 months. During this time, the pieces of meat covered with a crust, which should be trimmed so there was one internal part is yellowish, and served to the table.

4. Lutefisk is a traditional Scandinavian fish dish, winter, Christmas delicacy, popular in Norway, Sweden and parts of Finland. Originally the dish was made from cod, and now in Sweden more popular dried sea pike or Pollock, while in Norway remains popular cod. For the preparation of dried fish is soaked in an alkaline solution of caustic soda for three days, then soaked several days in water. Due to the chemical reaction with the proteins of fish liquor, the fish acquires a delicate jelly-like consistency and a peculiar pungent smell. In the future, the lutefisk is fried in a pan, baked in the oven, boiled or cooked in the microwave.

Balut (balut)

5. Balut (balut) — boiled duck egg, which has already formed fetus with feathers, beak and cartilage. It is eaten in the countries of South-East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, the southern province of China), especially in the Philippines. Sometimes the eggs are eaten raw, in soy sauce or roasted. The taste of balut reminiscent of boiled beef liver, the taste are all parts of the egg and fetus. Yes, after drinking the fluid, and the balut — sprinkled with a mixture of black pepper and salt.

6. A century egg is a popular snack in Chinese cuisine. Recipes for cooking eggs many a century, but the main principle of obtaining of this product is: chicken or duck egg coated with mixtures of tea, salt, lime and ash, then rolled in rice husks and clay, after they are put into baskets, and buried about three or four months. This is done to ensure that the air is not in contact with the future delicacy and eggs for several months was in alkaline medium. After 3-4 months the protein of the egg turns into a translucent jelly-like elastic substance, and the yolk becomes greyish-green, strong smell of ammonia, and a paste-like texture.

7. Jackfruit is national fruit of Bangladesh, the biggest edible fruits growing on trees. The peel and seeds of ripe fruit emits a strong unpleasant odor, resembling the smell of rotten onions, while the pulp smells pleasant, like banana and pineapple.

8. Surstromming — Swedish national product of a canned pickled herring. The cleaned herring is salted, placed in open dishes and left to ferment. During this process their own product enzymes and bacteria form propionic, butyric and acetic acid, and hydrogen sulfide. Then the herring are placed in cans for further fermentation, it acquires a peculiar softness, as well as intolerable pronounced rotten smell.

9. Kopi Luwak — a coffee variety with a very specific method of processing. The production process of coffee beans is that civets (a small animal of civet family) eat the ripe fruits of the coffee tree, digest the pulp of fruits, and choose grain — no. The excreta is collected by people, washed and dried in the sun. A special flavour is due tsivetinom enzyme contained in the gastric juices of the civet. The finished beverage has a long and, as gourmets say, very pleasant aftertaste.

10. Civiak is a traditional winter dish from the kitchen kalalau, eskimo and Inuit in Greenland. In the skin of the seal is placed about 400 nepotushenny black guillemots, razorbills and gulls produced from the skins of the air, seal it with lard and put in the earth under a press (stone) for a period from 3 to 18 months, during which time the birds slowly marinated. Digging and clearing the birds from the feathers, they can be eaten raw, with skin and bones. If all turned out well, you can suck a bird through her anus or throat. Taste celiac as sharp and stinky cheese.

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