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The world’s best street food: Top 10 cities with the most delicious street food

Spring weather is a great incentive to think about long-awaited vacation. Dreams about an unforgettable journey, immerse yourself in the flavor of another country, to unravel the mental peculiarities of the local people and sample delicious and healthy local cuisine, spring get its own tangibility and clarity . If you plan to rest economically, and vacation promises of expensive restaurants, presenting a long, healthy walks – it’s time to explore the cities with the most tasty street food . Street food has become widely known all over the world, snack on the local market or in the local shop, you will save money and will taste the most delicious dishes of the masters of street food of Bangkok, Morocco, or Brussels. Top 10 cities with the most delicious street food for you, friends!

Top 10 cities with the best street food

Street food is a cuisine in haste that are on the streets selling dealers in mobile vans or trays. Depending on the country they are sold in a variety of dishes and drinks. Every day around the world street food are buying more than 2 billion people. Previously it was thought that street food is food for the poor. Now, living on the run, people want to eat not talabisco, tasty and cheap, but also useful.

Presenting your attention the 10 cities in which to eat the most amazing and delicious masters of street food . And please don’t see this article on an empty stomach.

1. First on the list, of course, Bangkok. It is the capital of Thailand is the best place in the world to try the delicious street food . Thai cuisine is very diverse. From street vendors you can eat chicken with green curry, fried rice noodles with a variety of additives: egg or fish sauce, with a sauce of tamarind, chili, with meat or with roasted peanuts.

2. Second on the list is Singapore. National dish of Singapore cuisine, I relished the tourists is the chicken steamed with jelly-like layer with rice, cucumbers, chilies and ginger.

3. Penang took third place. It is called a Paradise for the gourmet or gastronomic capital of Malaysia. Malaysians, Chinese and Indians who settled in the region, has created an amazing blend of flavors that combines the best of each cuisine and making their dishes unique.

4. Best street food in Morocco you can get to Marrakesh at its main square – the Djemaa El Fna square. The most popular dish of the local cuisine is roast lamb with couscous.

5. Italy. In the capital of Sicily, Palermo is a very popular sandwiches with herring, and fried rice balls stuffed with meat or cheese, or fried potato balls.

6. In sixth place is Saigon in Vietnam. There should try a dish called Bo La Lot – this is a highly seasoned beef served in a worksheet. Travelers are advised to choose those in Saigon street stalls . which are popular with the locals – they know where you can eat.

7. The city of Istanbul connecting two continents, should be a place where street food is really very tasty. Being in Istanbul, to start your day is by eating a pretzel sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds, lunch, kebab, dinner to eat stuffed mussels.

8. Mexico city is the capital of the Mexican street food, it is worth a try famous dishes such as pork with pineapple and strips of fried dough with cinnamon, served with sugar, chocolate or fruits.

9. Brussels the capital of Belgium is the perfect place to taste the real French fries with mayonnaise. And for the sweet tooth and her journey is just Paradise on earth, famous Belgian chocolate will not leave indifferent even the most discerning palate.

10. And last on the list is Belize, and more specifically the town of San Pedro, where you can enjoy conch ceviche – a local specialty is seafood and raw fish marinated in lemon juice or lime juice, with spicy chili and coriander leaves.

Exciting travel, friends and the most delicious street snacking!

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