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Ideas low-calorie dishes for Easter

I understand that to make really delicious pastries without the usual ingredients quite difficult. But everything is possible! There are a few tips that will help you to reduce the calories on Easter. Of course, just diet they do not work, but to reduce calories easily!

Replace part of wheat flour with other varieties. About the flours I wrote separately. Removing even 1/3 of the white flour, replacing it with oatmeal or whole grain, you’ll get a healthier dish.

Try to choose recipes cake without yeast.

If you have a sweetener, use it! We advise you to purchase Hitparad # 1 or # 7.

Do not overdo it with nuts and dried fruits. They are quite high in calories, and all should be in moderation.

Decrease the recipe amount of butter. Usually 1/3 of the butter can be waived easily, and it will not affect the taste.

For the glaze, use only natural ingredients. Forget about ready-made glazes out of the pack, stuffed with dyes and additives. Let it be protein, sugar and lemon juice. But at the end of my article, you will find better options.

Curd Easter is a much more useful and safe for the shape of the dish. But here are some tips:

Use low-fat cottage cheese. It is not necessary to take 0% fat content,the ideal option would be 3-5%. But from 9% to more than 18% of the cheese it is better to forget!

For Easter well suited curd from packs (not grainy), and better if it is fairly dry.

Choose a recipe nesasanai Easter.

Instead of sugar you can also use Hitparad, and the amount of oil can be reduced.

But it is best not to use oil at all – there are options on the custard cream, fermented baked milk or low fat cream.

Also do not overdo it with supplements – nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits…They should not be too much! And it is better to replace them with berries or fruits.

Other tips:

Instead of heavy Easter yeast buns it is better to prepare markovy cake or fruit pie.

When cooking meats, is to use chicken breast, lean beef, rabbit.

Don’t forget to respect the rules on the number of eggs per day

So, I suggest you a selection of recipes for the Easter table. Here the recipes that I already tried it last year, and that’ll cook in it.

Dietary cottage cheese Easter

Low-fat cottage cheese 600 g;

Sour cream 10% 150 g;

Fermented baked milk 100 ml;

Vanillin at the tip of a knife;

Sweetener to taste (I take 10 scoops of Hitparade, if necessary, add more)/you Can take honey;

Dried fruit/candied fruit to taste.

Cook as usual – to mix the ingredients under the load to weigh mass in the cheesecloth at least overnight.

Easy Easter with cream cheese from yogurt

1% yogurt — 1 l;

Gelatin — 10 g;

Sweetener to taste;

Yolk — 1 piece;

Sour cream — 2 tbsp;

Vanilla sugar — 1/2 tsp.;

Candied, dried fruits.

This recipe uses homemade cheese from yogurt. Tried this? I really liked it, though I’ve done it for other dishes. For this you need to remove the yogurt in the freezer right in the package. Useful when it is tight bags. After complete freezing is necessary to cut the package and put the frozen yogurt in the colander with the gauze overnight. Morning in marl you will have wonderful cheese, and the whey will drain into the pan. By the way, whey you can make thin pancakes.

The output of kefir-1 liter = about 280 g fat-free cottage cheese. It can be whipped with sweetener, and use and quality of the cream. For example, for carrot cake.

Soak gelatin in water and then dissolve in the microwave or in a water bath. The raisins and the candied fruit can also be soaked in water. In a water bath need to beat the yolk with sweetener, pour in dissolved gelatin, stir quickly and remove from heat.

Stir in the prepared cheese with this mixture, sour cream, dried fruits and raisins. Due to the presence of gelatin this Easter does not need hanging. Just give it to harden and enjoy low-calorie and delicious holiday treat

Cake on kefir

500 ml kefir;


3 eggs;



wheat flour + other (how much dough);

Dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts.

Knead the dough consistency slightly thicker than sour cream. Bake for 40 minutes at a temperature of 200 °C.

Cake milk

300 ml of milk;

75 g of CL.oil;

500 g of a mixture of flour (wheat + any other);

2-3 eggs;


Half tsp of baking soda;

Dried fruit, candied fruit.

Melt the butter in a water bath, mix with milk, eggs, shahzaman, soda and gently stir in flour. Add the candied fruit and bake 40-35 minutes.

Dietary options glaze

The classic glaze is made from protein and a Cup of powdered sugar with the pineapple. Yes, it’s very tasty. But if you want to reduce calories, but don’t want to sacrifice the beauty of the pyramids, it is possible to prepare an alternative.

Milk glaze: 150 ml milk, 1 tbsp corn krahmala, 3 g of Hitparade. Mix cold (important) milk, starch and a substitute. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Add vanilla.

White glaze: 2 protein, a half-teaspoon of lemon juice, a sweetener (in this case, the desired liquid, for example, from Milford), it is best to add gum to thicken. Beat until white and cover cooled down (important) cake.

The icing out of protein powder: half a glass of milk, shsam to taste, 30 g casinovega protein (preferably vanilla flavor).

Hope you liked my ideas low-calorie dishes for Easter.

How to decorate the house for Easter?

Found on Pintrest a lot of interesting ideas. Get inspired!

Bon appetit and bright Easter!

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