Bachelor dinner No. 32
Three unusual dishes of potatoes Wait?) Let's go! The beginning of summer I have always associated with strawberries, cherries and a young potato. About the latter today, and will be…

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Bachelor dinner No. 32
Three unusual dishes of potatoes Wait?) Let's go! The beginning of summer I have always associated with strawberries, cherries and a young potato. About the latter today, and will be…

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Enjoy live, live easy - Meals on the grill: how to cook tasty and quick
Traditional may day entertainment – a trip with the family on a picnic can easily turn into an exciting culinary journey. Because one grill easily fits delicious dishes from different…

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The most delicious nuts of the world

Oblong, round, tiny and giant, growing on trees in the land and in the water – they are all United by one name – nuts. Today we decided to tell you about the most delicious of them and where they can be try.


Pindar is, in fact, is a annual herb, a relative of beans. From Brazil it spread rapidly to all tropical countries. Nuts are very nutritious, but budushim shape beauties should, on the contrary, to take note, because it contains a lot of useful ingredients and is famous for unsaturated fats that help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Most peanuts produced in China.

Perhaps the most well-known nut in the world. Across the planet grow many varieties. Under the hard shell intricate patterns, resembling the human brain, and therefore since ancient times people believed that these nuts adds of mind and cure headaches. However, the first is quite true – these nuts are rich in phosphorus and magnesium and very helpful. To go the course “walnut therapy” far to go don’t need: walnuts grow in abundance on our South.

The smell of roasted chestnuts for Europeans is the smell of Christmas. Cold evenings it is so nice to buy a bag of fragrant piping hot chestnuts and a mug of spicy mulled wine. Or, looking at the light in gastic friend Scot: to enjoy traditional Christmas dishes of venison with chestnut stuffing. Or eat candied chestnuts in France. Though not only in Western Europe but winter in Istanbul can be warm, tasting of chestnuts together with a large Turkish bagel. Just remember that not to store more than 3-4 days, or eat raw, these nuts can not be!

The people of Russia they resemble, I guess, especially about Siberia. Meanwhile, the discoverers of the Northern lands made a mistake and called cedar other wood: sold in our markets the nuts are collected on the Siberian pine. “Cedar” nuts best chefs in the world are used as indispensable ingredient in their meals. Especially pay attention on Italian cuisine: in the Apennine Peninsula Italian pine grow closely related to our nuts pinoli. In addition to use in salads and desserts they are also a mandatory component of pesto sauce just grind them together with the Parmesan, garlic, Basil and olive oil and the best accompaniment to this pasta to be found.

Once the nuts grow only in Brazil, but he liked colonizers-the Portuguese, that they extended it over all countries with a warm climate. In one of these countries – Vietnam or India, Indonesia or Nigeria – and should go to see that, in addition to tiny squiggles-nuts from cashews is a huge sprawling like a pear the peduncle, which is also eaten, make her jams, jellies, Indian chutneys and even drinks, are very popular in Latin America. To try it only in these countries, as “pear” instantly spoils. Cashew nuts can satisfy your hunger for those who are watching calories – this is the most low-fat of all nuts.

Coconut palms – an indispensable attribute of bounty Islands, and is associated with relaxation and bliss. Relaxing under the coconut tourists and have no idea what a wealth of unexpectedly may fall on their heads And for local residents of India, Sri Lanka and Jamaica is a real life nut. It’s hard to remember a more useful plant than the coconut. Coconut milk not only quenches one’s thirst is doing with curry, soups, stew in it, vegetables and meat. Coconut flesh add to the cake. Coconut oil you can fry all sorts of food, and this is the best body cream that helps as from burns, wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite. From fermented nectar of coconut flowers chase Braga, and a beautiful speckled wood make different household items from kitchenware to furniture. And even the shells do not remain on the sidelines – they cut cups, plates, ornaments and even a bunch of all sorts of useful things.

A small Australian walnut ideal spherical shape we have almost not known. But being in Australia or Hawaii to try his impossible – definitely worth tasting sweets and ice cream with this local rarity.

Almonds – a great “nutty souvenir” from the Middle East. Especially he will like good cooks: due to its characteristic thin noble flavor it is added to cakes, salads, main dishes, of which he became the most cultivated nut in the world. Meals with it is better to try in Europe: the chefs have succeeded in creating excellent combinations with this nut. And don’t forget to visit one of European marzipan museums: if you do not know, never guess that the material for tens of these works of art became almond mass. Candied almonds are not only tasty sweetness but also a symbol of abundance, which will necessarily give at a wedding in Italy.

Although the pecan grows in the Crimea and the Caucasus, in Russia this nut is not very popular – much more accustomed to his relative – walnut. To understand the taste of pecans, and have conceived for him a passionate love, need to go overseas in the USA. Especially anxious to it always treated the local Indians. And modern Americans do use it in cookies and pies.

In this nut a long and happy fate. For many millennia have passed since then, as in Syria, Iran and Greece began to grow pistachio trees are evergreen. By the way, one of the good Souvenirs from the Middle East – a bag of pistachios, because there are the most delicious. For centuries in different Nations, this nut was associated with luck and success – Persians was a symbol of wealth, the Europeans have a recipe for eternal love: just need to find a pistachio grove and listen to the crackling of nuts drop. And the Chinese and even call it “happy nut”.

Chillum is called the “water nut”, because it, like the rice, grown in flooded fields: the roots are attached at the bottom, and the nut floats on the surface thanks to an air-filled bladder. To see this miracle in Turkey, China, Vietnam and India. It is worth to try the delicious white hiding under a very hard shell the core of fresh, boiled, roasted or canned.

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