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Dinner for the millionaire

The rating of the most expensive products in the world

I think dinner at a restaurant for a thousand euros can afford at least a millionaire or a very rich and wasteful people? Maybe so. Many exotic dishes with exorbitant price offered in the best restaurants of the world, can be available to mere mortals, if you really want to try them. The ranking of the most expensive delicacies of the world from Yoki.

The most expensive chocolate in the world

Dinner available for millionaires, it’s easy to cook in the kitchen. Many delikatesy not need to prepare or easy to prepare even novice cook, without requiring special equipment. On topic: the Quirks of the rich. The most expensive dishes of the world

Appetizer. If you manage to get the so-called diamond caviar, which is extremely rare sword Beluga-albino, then the task with the incredibly expensive dinner cooking will be solved. The price per kilogram of caviar is Golden color, which is produced in Iran and Packed in jars made of pure gold – about 20 000 euros. Accordingly, each jar of gold worth more than 2000 conventional units. Unfortunately, on the supermarket counter you such eggs will not find it necessary to take a turn, as the Birkin bag – and to wait years, commercials, five.

Hot. Compared to diamond caviar marble meat cows breed Wagyu – common and relatively affordable product – a total of 400-500 euros for kilogrammovogo meat and a little more than the Australian equivalent. The difference in price between Japanese and Australian product is associated with a difference in the care of the cows. At their historic homeland, the land of the Rising Sun, to the diet of cows included beer, and the Australian gourmets with refined taste to offer the cows an expensive red wine.

Garnish. Steak of marble meat, the perfect side dish of potatoes of the sea, which brought on the French island of Noirmoutier. The potatoes are fertilized with seaweed and is harvested once a year by hand in order not to damage the delicate tuber. For the salty taste of the sea potato and lemon flavor will have to pay about 500 euros. Per kilogram.

Salt to taste. Naturally, such a delicious food you can’t ruin ordinary table salt. Much healthier and tastier is the most rare in the world of Japanese ancient salt seas, “Ambito But Mosio”. It will cost the gourmet around 100 dollars a kilogram, because it is difficult extracted and evaporated in a special, delicate technologies.

Spices. Only one spice worth mentioning in the context of expensive dining at saffron. Pounds what Imereti saffron (the stamens of plants of the family krokusowa), is not less than $ 5,000. Naturally, the stamens are collected by hand, and in order to dry the desired pounds, you want to collect about half a million stamens.

animal of the civets producing coffee Kopi Luwak

For dessert. Real dark chocolate from Knipschildt Chocolatier company in the USA and is estimated at $ 5,500 per kilogram. Fortunately, it is possible to save a little – sold-it tiles by the pound (453 grams), price tiles – a little more than 2500.e.

Tea, coffee? Gourmets all over the world have already tried Kopi Luwak – the special and the most expensive coffee, which is made on the island of Sumatra the most natural, but at the same time exotic way. Small animals like civets eat the coffee fruit, and hard-working Indonesians collect their metabolic wastes and wash undigested grain. After drying and roasting turns coffee price not less than $ 300 per kilogram is its price in Europe and the USA. It has a recognizable and intense aroma of nougat, honey and butter. By the way, on the farms of the island of Bali (Indonesia) one hundred grams of this coffee are not so expensive – just a 100 thousand rupees, then in dollars is about 10 dollars. But for a hundred dollars you can buy a whole kilogram and drink the most expensive coffee of the world at home almost for nothing.

Tea connoisseurs harder to spend the money on a drink – the world’s most expensive tea is da Hong PAO (“Big red robe”) is no longer manufactured. The last harvest with a unique transtracheally bushes of the monastery Tianxin was deposited in the Chinese Museum of tea, and the present analogue in any comparison does not go with the ancient sample. Now one of the most expensive teas in the world – the Imperial Yellow Gold Tea Buds, which once a year cut with gold scissors on one of the mountains of Singapore, and then mixed with particles for the away team. The price of tea is $ 2000 per kilogram.

A SIP of water. In addition to hot drinks, you can indulge in pure sea water, which also improves digestion, tones the skin and even relieves stress. Kona Nigari water acquires such useful properties on the bottom of the ocean near the Hawaiian coast, but you cannot drink it in its pure form and must be diluted with plain water. Kona Nigari is sold in different bottles – from tiny shestigrannoj for $ 30 to a five-liter for $ 2000. Cheaper by the dozen.

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