Delicious dish
Ideas for the holiday table If you consider yourself a real connoisseur, then you should pay attention to this article. In it we will offer you interesting recipes, and also…

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Vitamin salad.
Vitamin salads. Recipes and how to cook vitamin salad: salads with cabbage and sea cabbage In summer-autumn season we tend to stock up on vitamins . to cold the body…

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Main dishes chicken: recipes cooking
Light, tasty and simple chicken dishes Known fact that for full human existence, development and maintenance of health you need every day to get fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It does…

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Macadamia nuts, Saffron, caviar, diamond, La bonnotte, White truffle, luwak coffe, Yellow Gold Tea Buds, meat marble, Golden cream, Ocean water

Macadamia is the most expensive nut in the world

The birthplace of the macadamia — Australia. Here these nuts are considered sacred because they help with migraines, diseases of bones and vitamin deficiency. Almost ideal spherical shape macadamia nuts are very difficult to clean from the shell. And because of the difficulties in breeding and production of their produce no more than 40 tons per year. Therefore, the cost of one kilogram of macadamia even in its historic homeland is more than 30 dollars.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world

Saffron is made from the stamens of plants of the family krokusowa (Crocus sativus). These stamens are collected manually and then dried. To produce 1 kg spices need 500,000 stamens! One kilogram of saffron costs about 6 thousand dollars.

Diamond caviar – the most expensive caviar in the world

Those who were fortunate enough to have Golden caviar of Beluga-the albino (including Brezhnev and Nikolai II), argue that in the world there is nothing tastier. Treat with a delicate nutty flavor is produced in Iran. Called almas (translated from the Iranian – “diamond”). It is Packed in jars of pure gold 995-carat, and it usually sold out 4 years in advance. Cost diamond caviar 738 thousand (25 thousand dollars) per 1 kg.

La bonnotte– the most expensive potato in the world

The combination is the most “expensive potato in the world” seems ridiculous, but this dish could cost decent money.

The most expensive potatoes in the world are grown on the island Noirmoutier, off the West coast of France.

Fields where it grows, and fertilize algae. As a result, the root appears salty sea taste with citric notes. All the grapes are harvested by hand. Sea potatoes is 500 Euro per 1 kg.

White truffle – the most expensive mushroom in the world

White truffle, for which for centuries hunted in Northern Italy, has always been considered the most expensive mushroom in the world. Before he was hunted with pigs, now with dogs. Every year the white truffle is becoming smaller: they are very sensitive to environmental changes.

To place an exact price per kilogram of this delicacy is hard, because almost every big mushroom is sold at auction. The price range is in the region of 2-4 thousand euros per 1 kg.

Horses coffee Luwak – the most expensive coffee in the world

The most expensive coffee in the world is coffee varieties Horses Luwak from Sumatra. And is, to put it mildly, not a very appetizing way.

The fruits are eaten by small animals tropical – palm civet, and the Indonesians collected the droppings, wash them from coffee beans, dried and roasted.

It is believed that civets pick only the ripest and tastiest coffee cherries. Valuable flavors gives this coffee is nothing like the gastric juice voracious animals. The amount of production of this coffee is not exceed several hundred kilograms per year. In Moscow, 100 grams of roasted coffee Kopi Luwak at retail can be purchased at the price of 750 rubles.

Tea Yellow Gold Tea Buds is most expensive tea

This is a new variety of tea – Yellow Gold Tea Buds – released just a couple of years ago. Leaves for him collect on one of local mountains only once a year. They cut with Golden scissors, then mixed with minute particles of gold. This tea is $ 106. for 50 g.

Marbled meat is the most expensive beef in the world

Get it from Japanese cows, Wagyu fed only the best herbs, daily rubbed sake and watered beer. For a long time the Japanese did not export cattle for breeding, however now Wagyu cows bred in Australia.

But the cost of meat is affected solely upwards: to improve product quality Australian farmers began to give cows red wine (16 dollars per bottle).

200 grams of fillet in Europe costs more than 100 dollars. Some, especially the delicate pieces sell for a thousand dollars.

Golden ice cream – the world’s most expensive ice cream

It is vanilla ice cream with fruit, sprinkled with 23 carat edible gold leaf. Ice cream, listed in the Guinness Book of records, enjoys continued popularity since 2004.

In order to eat them, you need to make a reservation two days before visiting the restaurant. The cost is $ 1,000.

Ocean water – the world’s most expensive water

COP water Nigari is extracted from the ocean depths close to the Hawaiian Islands. Desalinate it and out small 6-ounce bottles. Manufacturers claim that miracle liquid relieves stress, tones the skin and improves digestion. The value of 33.5 million. 6 G.

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