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The world’s most expensive products

You ever thought about how much can cost the most expensive ice cream? Do you agree to pay 12,000 dollars for a pizza? In this article, we’ve included a list of the most expensive foods in the world!

1. Samundari The Chazan

If you have a large, rich and pompous festival, the London restaurant “Bombay Brasserie” knows how to get it. Serves Devon crab with white truffle with half a tomato, stuffed with Beluga caviar. If the hero of the occasion this will not be enough, the dish will decorate edible gold leaf, served four snails under the name “abalone”, and four quail eggs, stuffed to the brim with caviar. All this pleasure will cost you £ 2,000.

2. Watermelon, Densuke

That rare products are expensive, that’s fine. Watermelons in Japan – a great delicacy, they are very unusual. Japanese watermelon became famous after one of them weighing nearly 8 kg was sold for $ 6,300. These sweet fruits grow in the Northern part of Japan, Hokkaido. Watermelons, Densuke are black, exquisite taste and are considered a rarity, so give them as expensive gifts. But who can afford such a pleasure and for what reason?

3. Dinubhai

Melon Yubari, or the Yubari King, as it is sometimes called, is a hybrid that is grown in the city with the same name on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. On auction 2008 a pair of these melons sold for 2.5 million yen, which was higher than in 2007, when for the same paid 2 million

4. Japanese marbled beef

This meat is obtained from breeds of cattle Wagyu. Because nature is the formation of this breed marbled beef, cows are kept on a special diet. To do this, they drink beer and they regularly do massage, the meat was tender and had a marble marbling. The longer the cow raise in this way, the more interesting it looks meat. In new York a piece of marbled beef managed to sell for $ 2,800.

5. Chocolate ice cream Golden

American chef Stephen Bruce has developed just absolutely magical ice cream. It consists of 28 layers of cocoa, of which 14 are very rare and expensive. But that’s not all. In ice cream added 5 grams of edible 23-carat gold, topped with a generous helping of whipped cream, and ice cream on the sides adorned with the finest chocolate truffles. Truffles, which are used to decorate ice cream, are $ 2600 per pound. To give his creation a more chic, Bruce has developed a special crystal dessert bowl, which uses 18-carat gold, and his leg adorns the bracelet with gorgeous white diamonds. Attached to ice-cream spoon with Golden brown stones. The price of pleasure very low, only some $ 25,000. For the poorer segments of the population and there is a mini-version of the main ice cream. It costs only a thousand dollars.

6. The most expensive pie

The most expensive cake costs 14260 dollars, and his piece – 1871 dollar. Such a miracle can be found at “the Fence Gate Inn” in Lancashire, England. This pie consists of beef fillet, as discussed above, one cost 870 dollars a pound, matsutake mushroom and winter white truffle. For pie need to be served two bottles of wine château Mouton Rothschild in 1740 dollars per bottle, French truffles and a roll. And all this wrapped in a big gold sheet.

7. Beluga caviar

Beluga caviar is the largest. It has a black color and a strong characteristic smell. The most expensive caviar is sold in all countries of the world from Iran. In London there is a small shop where they sell it for 25,000 dollars per kilogram.

8. Pizza “Louis XIII”

This pizza is of the same level as that of ice cream, decorated with gold. It is the most expensive in the world. It manufactures chef Renato viola from the Italian city of Salerno. The pizza has a size of 20 see Her starting to do 72 hours before consumption. That’s because the dough is a special recipe, which requires so much time to Mature. As toppings on pizza put mozzarella di Buffalo, three types of fish eggs, Italian and Norwegian lobster and Australian pink salt. Price miracle-pizzas – 12 thousand dollars.

9. The world’s most expensive bagel (bagel)

If you ever will be able to try it, you will not mind to give him a thousand dollars. This miracle of cooking makes chef Frank Tujague at the Westin in new York. It includes a creamy truffle cheese, jelly, Goji berries, and gorgeous edible gold leaves. Truffles grow only in the wild, grow them. Although modern technology is very developed, you can find these mushrooms in the forest is possible only by using a sensitive sense of smell of dogs and pigs. That’s why they are so expensive.

All these dishes are, of course, are sold at very high prices. But in them, but are the most expensive and best ingredients.

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