Dinner for the millionaire
The rating of the most expensive products in the world I think dinner at a restaurant for a thousand euros can afford at least a millionaire or a very rich…

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Snacks of boiled beef tongue: delicious, simple, quick
All the same, anyway, and beef tongue is a real delicacy if it is prepared well, it turns out well, just your tongue! In this collection of the best recipes…

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Delicious dish
Ideas for the holiday table If you consider yourself a real connoisseur, then you should pay attention to this article. In it we will offer you interesting recipes, and also…

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11 best fast food chains in the world

Traveling in summer, almost all the tourists sometimes eat fast food, even knowing that the health benefit it brings. But many network fast food establishments are very serious about the quality of the food, try to make it not only tasty but also healthy.

Teremok, Russia

This chain of restaurants was born in 1988 and now has over 110 fast-food outlets and numerous kiosks in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The most popular dish of this restaurant are pancakes with a variety of fillings and caviar. In addition, the menu includes a variety of cereal, salads, soups. All the dishes are cooked according to traditional recipes, allowing you to enjoy Russian cuisine.

Nordsee, Germany

This unusual network of institutions of fast food specialises in fish. Different types of fish – cod, salmon, Pollack, steamed or baked, served with various sauces, French fries, variety of salads. And the only fresh fish is used. Nordsee is the largest network in Europe, in this volume produces fast food, fish and seafood.

Fast food restaurants Mr. Lee specialize in a wide variety of soups, the most popular basis for which is beef and noodles. Other components of visitor dobavlaet soup yourself, to your liking. This variety of spices, vinegar, herbs, soy sauce. Each piece turns out completely different taste, it is also very nourishing and useful.

Jensen’s Bøfhus, Denmark

This network is the best in Denmark a family fast food chain. The translated name of the network as a “meat restaurant”. And really, you can try amazingly tasty steaks and rib eye, prigotovlenie from the fresh meat without any chemical additives. Complement the meat menu, as with all restaurants fast food, various vegetables, sauces, fries. Feature of Jensen’s Bøfhus is a special children’s menu and the possibility of holding children’s parties.

Maison Eric Kayser, France

Eric Keyser is known in France as a Baker and owner of numerous bakeries. It was he who founded this fast food chain specializing in baked goods. A variety of rolls, baguettes, croissants, sandwiches with various fillings, cakes not leave anyone indifferent. The combination of fresh pastries, ham and cheese, traditional dishes at Eric Kayser.

Pret a Manger, UK

This fast-food restaurant chain famous for its original triangular sandwiches of Pret-a-manger. And pride restaurants is that all the products and dishes offered to visitors, are fresh. At the end of the day, uneaten meals per day, are transferred to the homeless shelter. Feature of Starbucks is a small amount of seats – the customers just take the food and head to the nearest Park. In addition to sandwiches, it sells soups, coffee, yogurt and the famous English oatmeal.

Rossopomodoro, Italy

Italians revere their traditional pizza that even fast food chain serving mainly a selection of pizzas, has the highest level of service, ready to argue with prestigious institutions. Therefore, there is no difference, eat at Rossopomodoro or to go to a pizzeria, except in price and speed of service.

Albaik, Saudi Arabia

This chain of fast food restaurants opened long ago, back in 1974. The popular Albaik brought brand chicken, and fried breaded king in such a way that it remains very juicy and flavorful. According to local tradition, behind the counter are only male.

Five Guys, USA

It serves great burgers and very tasty fries, which was appreciated even Barack Obama. A characteristic feature of these restaurants is that the cooking of the Burger is the whole idea, which according to the name of restaurants with approximately five people. They prepare a dish in five minutes or ten, each strictly performs its operation.

St. Hubert, Canada

These institutions fast food chains are designed for family relaxation, as they resemble similar to traditional fast food. The most popular dishes – grilled chicken with special sauce and roast potatoes, variety of vegetables.

Din Tai Fung, Taiwan

This fast food chain is popular not only among tourists but also among the natives. Here you can taste traditional Chinese dumplings with a variety of fillings. These dumplings are so popular that restaurants have branches in more than ten countries around the world. In addition to Bao, and these are called dumplings, are offered to visitors and others, quick to prepare Chinese dishes.

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11 best fast food chains in the world
Traveling in summer, almost all the tourists sometimes eat fast food, even knowing that the health benefit it brings. But many network fast food establishments are very serious about the…