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Enjoy live, live easy – Meals on the grill: how to cook tasty and quick

Traditional may day entertainment – a trip with the family on a picnic can easily turn into an exciting culinary journey.

Because one grill easily fits delicious dishes from different countries of the world: Georgian kebab, Asian chicken, salmon in dill Scandinavian and fried bananas.

Food cooked on charcoal, are especially tasty and fragrant, and absorb them outdoors in good company is much more fun than indoors, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that I love picnics in all corners of the world.

The only difference in the dishes that are cooked in different countries. For example, Thai picnic impossible without a couple of skewers of fried locusts, the Vietnamese eat snakes, for the Germans in the country is unthinkable without pork ribs and juicy sausage, and the Americans go to a BBQ with lush buns for hamburgers and meat for steaks. By the way, some foreign dishes can be prepared in our cottages and forest edges.

French tarts for a snack

Specifics picnic makes its own rules when selecting snacks. Outdoors it is best to go meals that you can eat quickly and preferably without a plug. Therefore, in addition to chopped fresh vegetables with sauces, put it on a makeshift table simple canapés, skewers and tartlets.

The children are happy to eat the classic sandwich with doctor’s sausage, a slice of fresh cucumber and a circle a boiled egg. For dad you can make canapés with Borodino bread and herring, and for moms – tiny skewers with mini-mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

If you want to enjoy the salad al fresco, vegetables (boiled eggs, shrimp and other ingredients) nachinkoy home, during a picnic only to salt them and season with olive oil (mayonnaise and sour cream in the heat, quickly deteriorate).

Cook French tartlets with Russian toppings. Baskets buy in the store. One part of the make tartlets with slices of fresh cucumber and cottage cheese, mixed with salt and chopped dill.

Second – with grated cheese, mayonnaise and garlic slices under the cooked egg. A third with cream cheese and red caviar, sprinkle with lemon and decorated with a sprig of parsley.

Pan-Asian chicken

The signature dish of any picnic – chargrilled meat. In some countries it is cooked on the grill, others put on skewers and skewers. By the way, the recipe our barbecue was brought to the mid-eighteenth century soldiers returning from the Crimean campaigns.

If you want to cook the dish in Georgian, slice the meat in large chunks (about 3 cm in height and width and 4-5 cm in length), if in Uzbek – do small pieces of 2 cm by 2 cm

Lamb likes to be in the marinade in addition to vegetable oil, salt and black pepper add the coriander and cumin, veal can flavor the chili, but chicken and pork I love paprika – it gives the kebab a delicious shade of red.

If in doubt about the tenderness of the meat purchased, add to the pickle acid. But no vinegar, and fruit juice (lemon, orange, pomegranate, pineapple, kiwi) or drink cultured milk (kefir, sour cream, cream, tan, ayran).

Before grilling, be sure to wipe the pieces from the marinade and onions, otherwise it will quickly burn and ruin your barbecue. Stringing them on the skewers and let the meat with tomatoes, bell peppers and onions, because vegetables cook faster and burn.

Chicken cook in a trendy pan-Asian style. Buy for barbecue thigh (breast harsh and dry), separate the fillet from bones and skin and cut into pieces weighing 15-20 g (2 cm by 2 cm).

Then tamarinus them in salt, pepper, dry garlic, soy sauce and corn oil (or other vegetable cover). During frying the bird you can further lubricate the applesauce, which, in the opinion of chefs, perfectly complements the soy sauce.

Scandinavian fish in a dill

The beauty of a picnic is that on the grill in a flavorful smoke, you can cook almost any product – from a simple sausage and pork until cheap capelin and bread crust. But if you want to surprise your household, do something unusual, such as Gravlax.

The so-called main picnic dish in Scandinavia – salmon marinated in dill with sugar. His recipe has been known since the Middle ages, however, in ancient times, fish for the best fermentation was buried in the sand (grav – grave lax salmon). These days it is “buried”, but just one night stand on the eve of departure on a picnic in the fridge.

To make Gravlax, finely chop some two large bunch of dill and mix with 1 table spoon of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons sea salt, white and pink pepper and a glass of cognac.

RUB this mixture of salmon (1 kg), wrap it in cling film and leave in the fridge overnight. Before the barbecue, we will cut the fish into cubes (dill to clean off is not necessary!) and fire away on the grill or fillet double clamp bars (this option is more convenient).

In terms of a picnic not to bake a cake or cookies, but you can make chocolate fondue. This finely chopping a bar of chocolate and melt it together with the cream in a clay pot set in hot coals.

Guests will be dipping in chocolate pieces bananas and strawberries and enjoy dessert. Another easy option sweet – fruit on the grill. On skewers, you can roast different fruits: apples, pineapples, pears. Only first need to marinate them in honey, coconut milk or vegetable oil with sugar and cinnamon.

Cook bananas flambe. To do this, cut each fruit lengthwise, without removing the skins, and put it up on the grill flesh down. Then fry on the other side, turn and sprinkle sugar mixed with cinnamon. As soon as the sugar become caramelizing, put the bananas in the dish, their fields cognac and flame it.

At picnics between games and barbecue are always thirsty. So juices, fruit drinks and wine must be more than a house party. In the countryside you can prepare German drink Apfelschorle.

To do this, take a liter of Apple juice without the pulp and dilute the same amount of sparkling water. Then add the Apple pieces, mint leaves, strawberry slices, and stir. If instead of soda you will get white sparkling wine, you get alcoholic Apfelschorle.

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