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Dessert, side dish, salad of pumpkin and carrot – healthy menu for every day!

Dishes made of different vegetables form the basis of the diet of each person. All other products – meat, fish, milk, fruits – only complement the recipes, the basis in which vegetable. And main vegetable dishes – salads and side dishes. For example, a salad of pumpkin and carrot may be as a separate dish, and complement-tasty garnish to cooked meat dishes. Will try to experiment?


Pumpkin and carrot – based salad

Pumpkin and carrots are among the most colourful and beautiful vegetables. They add elegance to any dish to which you add as a component. What can we say about the salad, where carrots and pumpkin will be the main ingredients. This dish will be a real decoration even everyday table.

Most often a salad with carrots and pumpkin is a vegetable dishes, in their menu used by those people who are fasting. But also vegetable salads, as the basis of the diet, those who are watching their weight and health. After all vegetables – is useful and necessary. Carrots are a source of carotene in the pumpkin contains vitamins beauty a, C And e and a host of other substances.

Taste and carrots and pumpkin – a sweet, therefore, to the salad of these vegetables costadalat other components that the taste became more expressive.

For example, this popular salad.

Pumpkin peel and cut into small cubes, add a spoonful of honey, stir and let stand 30-40 minutes. there also add grated on a coarse grater carrots. Apples to the pan if the skin is rough, its clean. Apples cut into cubes as well and add in the honey pumpkin with carrots. To mix things up. This salad can be somewhat modified by adding a few drops of lemon juice and ground walnuts. So the salad will be richer in taste and certainly better fed.

Most salads are based on pumpkin and carrot is quite sweet. But you can prepare the salad appetizer. This will require 300 grams of pumpkin 200 grams of carrots, grated on a coarse grater, 100 grams of apples, preferably sour varieties, a tablespoon of horseradish, a little lemon juice, salt and ground black pepper to taste. All components of salad mix and served with meat.

Pumpkin-carrot garnish

Probably everyone knows that pumpkin and carrots are the vegetables, without which it is impossible to imagine a full, cooked lunch or dinner. And carrots and pumpkin can be subjected to various heat treatment, giving dishes their beauty, taste and aroma. But because carrot-pumpkin side dish will complement any table. To prepare the side dishes or full meals is not difficult. For example, for daily menu you can use this recipe. Pumpkins take about three times more than carrots. And a pumpkin, and carrots clean, cut the pumpkin in cubes and carrots to grate. Carrots lightly fried in vegetable oil, pumpkin or boil in a little water or steamed. Pumpkin and carrot mash into a puree, using the pusher, but you can use a blender, season with salt and pepper to taste. Get vegetable puree. It is possible to change some using boiled potatoes. Then puree will get a richer taste and more nourishing. It will serve as a tasty garnish for meat dishes.

Undoubtedly the most popular vegetable dish is a stew. It was in stew vegetables combine most successfully, and what particular recipe can not be followed, and each time get a slightly different flavor than originally. So, it will be tasty and healthy stew based on pumpkin, carrot, potato, zucchini. Vegetables cleaned, cut into cubes and cooked in a skillet with vegetable oil and seasonings to taste. In this stew you can add fresh cabbage, tomatoes. You can stew vegetables to complement the meat, pork, beef, or chicken, pre-fry the pieces of meat or chicken, and then put out them until tender with vegetables. Use vegetables, including carrots and pumpkin, is a must. They diversify the diet, making there and the taste and aroma and favor.

Pumpkin and carrot for dessert

It will seem strange at first glance, but pumpkin and carrots you can cook many dessert dishes. And the pumpkin and the carrots themselves are sweet, fresh taste that well to use for cooking desserts. For example, pumpkin pancakes will love and adults and children. They are prepared quite simply. Pumpkin and carrot peel and cut into medium-sized cubes. Omit them in boiling salted hearth and cook until tender. Water need to take a little bit, then not have it drain. When the vegetables are boiled and become absolutely soft, knead in mashed potatoes, cool slightly, add to vegetable puree eggs, a little milk or water, sugar and salt to taste. Then add the flour, to make dough on the pancakes, knead and bake delicious muffins. Such pancakes can be done with PrepCom. First in a pan, place a thin slice of Apple, then flip and pour over the Apple portion of the test. Will be very unusual!

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