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Delicious recipes and quick snacks on the holiday table

Snacks – not only as a traditional additive to alcohol. The first is the business card of the table that guests see when they sit at the table. Snack is usually preceded by a hot dish and is served in addition to (or instead of) salads, which are so dearly loved by the population. Modern snacks, like a set of dishes for your guests, it is not limited to the standard type: “sandwiches with caviar and red fish”, “cold cuts” and cheese plate (other things the latter is very often in Russia mixed). Some recipes are simple and delicious snacks in a hurry.

1. Quick snack “sandwiches with egg and tomato”. Perfect if guests are men, and the more pure it becomes, if they unexpectedly came.

Ingredients: eggs, baguette, mayonnaise, tomatoes, garlic if desired. Method of preparation: the eggs boil (15 minutes – while communicating with guests), the slice of bread (whole) fry from two parties or used for these purposes, a toaster. Eggs after cooking, put it under running water – they quickly cooled. Then cut them with a knife or egg slicer (not finely), dressed with mayonnaise ,add salt to taste, you can put crushed garlic or even cheese (grate). Tomato cut into slices. On a piece of loaf generously blend the egg mixture, and tomato. Very tasty and quick.

2. Snacks on the chips. Idealliance, in my opinion, the following. Ingredients: egg, cheese, crab sticks or canned corn. Boil eggs, cool, grate. Add grated cheese, chopped crab sticks or corn, drained. To put on the chips. The benefits of this stuffing that due to the fact that all ingredients are water, chips not so quickly to flow (as would, for example, if You add tomatoes).

3. Baskets with ham, mushrooms and cheese. If You have a little time and you have an oven you can prepare an appetizer that will be gone as seeds. Ingredients: for baskets of eggs, ham, any (ham sausage), mushrooms (champignons or other) and cheese. Method of preparation: mushrooms clean and fry in butter. Ham cut into thin short strips. Mix the mushrooms and ham. Should not become dry if it still happens, add the oil and again heat in a skillet. In tartlets for caviar spoon the mixture of mushrooms and ham, sprinkle with grated cheese. Put in the oven until the cheese melts. Important: use the ham, as it is fatty enough. Ham sausage or roasted chicken, which, it seems, you can replace the ham, no good – baskets will be too dry and not like guests. Another important thing – make a lot of baskets, because they are eaten quickly and with pleasure!

4. Sandwiches with sausage and potatoes. A very good option if the task is satisfying to feed, as the sandwiches are quite nutritious. Ingredients: potato, sausage, brown bread, egg, green onions as desired. Method of preparation: boil the potatoes in their skins. Sausages should be frozen. Peel the potatoes and grate it on a fine grater. Sausages also have to RUB on a small grater. It is not very easy – my hands freeze from the sausages, but not delay, as it melted, the sausage will become after the float in the slurry. The resulting “meat” mix, very tasty if add the chopped green onions. Add the egg and mix up once again. The mixture is spread on pieces of bread and a pan of “stuffing” down. When it cook (fry should be on a moderate heat so that the mixture gets bread), sandwiches, flip over and fry the other side of the bread. The sandwiches are very tasty both hot and cold.

5. Rolls of red fish in the omelette. Very interesting flavor combinations gives the omelette. Wrap in pita bread is a well – known dish, but scrambled eggs – more tender material. Ingredients: eggs, red fish or crab sticks, cheese (processed), cucumbers as desired, greens. Preparation method: to make scrambled eggs without milk (just beat the eggs), add the chopped herbs to scrambled eggs was beautiful. Pour “talker” on a baking sheet – based on this You will calculate the number of eggs the pan should be evenly covered with egg mass. On a small baking pan 20X30 cm enough two eggs. Leave the omelet to baked. Meanwhile, chop the red fish or crab sticks thin wide strips. Grate cheese (it is possible to save take processed). Interesting taste to this dish add cucumbers, cut into thin narrow strips, but it is better to use them if the dish would be crab sticks, not fish. When the omelet begins to baked through (you will see on the top layer), cover with cheese, then a layer of fish sticks or cucumber. When the cheese has melted, the omelet can be removed from the pan, a little let it cool and put it on the stretch film. Roll the omelet in the roll, while still hot, carefully rolled, not folded. How cool – put in the fridge. Slice before serving.

6. Most, in my opinion, a quick appetizer is a dish of pate. Buying pate at the store, smear on a toasted piece of bread (looks spectacular half loaf or a baguette), and on top put a circle of cooked egg. This dish is perfect if you go past the store and think what to cook that was tasty and fast. Boiled egg, fried bread – a great snack or easy appetizer for the holiday table ready.

There is a huge number of recipes, all of them can be found on the Internet. The benefits referred to in this article – they all belong to the category of the budget (with the exception of red fish, but it can be replaced with crab sticks), easy to prepare, delicious and most importantly very quick to prepare, so you will feel a wonderful hostess who can adequately receive guests at any time of the day or night.

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